Postfiltering Fun

So I was just kinda messing around with the post filtering tools and just kinda came up with these. They’re nothing special really. But they are fun to look at.


Trippy :350:

Construct white room invisible, sobel filter, :2bong:

EDIT: I was the guy who discovered it for anyone rating me late.

I think I might get a seizure, damn those rape my eyes. But nonetheless they look awesome.

Now I hear voices in my head.

Holy acid trips, Batman!

I spotted clipping in the 3rd picture. G-Mans thumb isnt holding the briefcase.

My reaction.
my eyes!

But I still like it :buddy:
artistic’d, but more like modern artistic’d :smug:

I would comment but I believe part of my brain is now sunny-side-up

Well, if your mind survived the first wave, here’s some more to insure that it will be killed.

I don’t think these are quite as trippy as the first ones, or as good, but I thought I’d share them anyways.

Oh great now my brain is an omelet. Very trippy and I do like them but they SERIOUSLY hurt my vision.

My eyes are melting, and my brain is sizzling, looks like someone just took Marijuana


It’s the slender man…! :tinfoil:

some of them are great
go easy on filter on some of them though