PostgreSQL Support?

Does Garry’s Mod have a module released for PostgreSQL support? If not, any estimate on how easy it would be to either make a module or it, or modify an existing one for it?

If it helps, there’s already a PostgreSQL module for Lua, it’s just not Garrysmod.

I’ll be making one for my gamemode eventually if there isn’t one already. If you need one sooner then the answer is: you would need to implement certain functionality for it to be loadable as a module.

It shouldn’t be too hard to just bind some functions and make OO-stuff if needed.

I’d lean more towards mongodb since we don’t really have a nice nosql solution yet

I was thinking PostgreSQL because that’s what I know. I can’t really wrap my head around NoSQL implementations. The one thing I can’t stand is MySQL, and that’s about all I can see available for networking data in Garrysmod.

Just out of curiosity, and I apologize that this is offtopic, but what do you dislike about MySQL?

I’ve never heard anyone particularly against it, so I’d just like to know your view on it.

Subquery handling is my primary problem. After a certain point, it starts becoming useless with subqueries. This isn’t so much a problem with Garry’s Mod, since most implementations are basic, but it still irks me. Another is the lack of standards support. MySQL is not at all even close to resembling standards, which means if you build specific to MySQL, you can never leave MySQL. As well, and this applies less to Garry’s Mod, there’s less reliability, and in general, I find it harder to get support for specific problems.

Enjoy your space waste.

There is no real need for a NoSQL solution in Garry’s Mod right now from what I see. What exactly are you trying to accomplish with it, aside from just trying something new?