posting a pic for the draw contest.

Im just wondering how i post a picture in the thread for the draw constest, it wont work for me on the imgur cause it just gives me error. pls help

have you tried other sites? like TinyPic and such?

thanks it worked on the tinypic site :wink:

There is lost of image hosting websites have a look around it wont hurt you, imageshack is one.
And next time research before you make a topic.

Tbh i dont even know how many people that have recently registered have ever been registered on a forum cause it looks like they dont know the basic rules etc.

EDIT: there was no replies when i started typing this out, sorry for this :confused:

Why do you think that this deserves a separate thread? Anyway, I’d recommend

Im fine with tinypic everything is fixed. Thanks anyways

Do this: