Posting cheat-supplier after detection of paid hacks


I realise it woud be stupid for eac to post exactly how/what they detected, as it would benefit the hack-creators.

BUT, i feel like it could be benefitial to us, to atleast post wich hack-supplier it is ?

Theres alot of sites selling hacks, wich do a shitload of things (several hacks in one), if all these posts, of these people getting busted, and complaining here. actually said something like :

ban is permanent for detection of paid hack sold by XXXXX

Would this not deter people from buying hacks from XXX ? without letting them in on the detection methods. Sure, you are pointing ppl to hack-suppliers, but your also telling these ppl that they WILL GET CAUGHT, if they do use these (i do understand this would take away money from fp, as less ppl would be buying a new copy, if less ppl get busted cheating)

But im thinking the community would love this ?

Just a thought. pls dont shoot me

Is it because you used a detected paid cheat and when you do it again on another account you don’t want to be banned?

I don’t advocate cheating, but divulging where a cheat was bought from could just motivate some to look for a version from a different site. One that potentially has something more harmful hidden in it, but all they care it that it’s “new version, really undetectable!! not like one on other site!!1”. Also, there are fools who use free cheats they get from god knows where. Wouldn’t been too helpful if it proclaimed “banned for detection of hack obtained from google/bing/yahoo/etc”.

Dood, there is TONS of information on why this shouldn’t be on this forum. As well, nothing can be done on this end anyway. That is a job for EAC,not here.
As well, pleading your case or at least attempting to defer the attention because of your ban is not going to get you anywhere. You were banned, man up

what ? because of my ban ?
Im not banned ?
(feel free to archive this for future reference, if eac EVER catches me cheating, i will publicly eat my shoes !!!)

im just saying, people keep buying that shit over and over again, because the sellers keep claiming its undetectable, whereas if eac simply says they detect them, ppl would stop buying them …

anyway if it causes more negative effects, then positive effects, its no use ofcourse.
Im just thinking of a way to stop them from cheating in the first place, since clearly ppl dont seem to get the fact that eac does detect these ‘undetectable’ hacks, and ruin the game for other ppl, for a good week or two, before getting banned.

thatdeveloper’s other thread is parody, read all the way through;)

in regards to cheat sites; the team are well aware of them, it’s just a bit of a grey area. it’s better the enemy you know to my mind, so i see no reason to NOT post the sites. after all, people pay a premium for the latest cheats, get detected by EAC and rebuy rust, go and pay for another cheat (or just keep up membership), come back and get detected again, rebuy rust…

it makes both facepunch and the owners of cheat sites plenty of money; i’m not saying the team WANT hackers, but it actually benefits them more than it harms them. and it gives EAC plenty of fodder to improve their cheat signature database lol.

I can think of a few reasons not to post hack sites:

  1. Why would we want hackers on this forum? There is a good reason for why confirmed hackers do and should continue getting perma-banned.
  2. A surprisingly large part of this community is not very good with Google, so you would be giving them a ready-to-use list of hacking sites (also see reason 1).
  3. Some people are more than happy to keep updating their hacks and re-buying Rust as it gets detected. Rust is fairly cheap, and hacks don’t usually get detected right-away. This allows people to create dummy cheating accounts to “counter suspected cheaters” or <insert your excuse here> for a few hours/days (also see reason 1).
  4. This would give people a point of reference for “undetectable” hacks or allow hack sites to pop up “undetectable” mirror sites of their hacks (also see reason 1).
  5. This would give too much exposure to detected hacks and give hack makers a free centralized resource to update their methods faster (also see reason 1).

6. Did I also mention that we don’t really want hackers on this forum? Personally it really makes my day to see a red-colored line at the bottom of a post - “User was permabanned for this post (“Cheater”)”

The last thing the devs want to do is advertise hack sites by naming them. Several of the hack sites’ URLs are hard-censored by the forum for this precise reason (well, that and preventing people from linking directly to hacks).

Besides, if the specific hack is revealed as detected, that’s a heads-up to that hack writer to tell their entire customer base that the hack’s detected and to stop using it (in case they haven’t been caught yet) until the hack writer updates it.

The way it works now, a ban is a ban and no information (except payhack versus free hack) is released, leaving the hack writers to have to figure it out for themselves.

  1. can you guarantee that hackers aren’t already on the site? they are certainly here when they open their “unbanplz” threads, but it’s probably a safe bet they monitor the official forum for any hints about whether their latest cheat has been detected or not.
  2. yeah, but it would also filter out the idiots who are likely to cheat by giving it to them on a silver platter.
  3. agreed. and they can be destructive to the game. but at the same time, the game is in development, so they show up any weaknesses in the code, and give EAC time to develop one hell of a signature library; perhaps dealing with more hackers now will lead to less later?
    4/5. they already have the cheat forums where players provide this information; here they would at least suffer from regular bans by the mods. i wouldn’t wish the extra work on postal, but they could probably handle it.
  4. i too enjoy the perma messages when a hacker gets owned; not sure this is a reason to keep them out;)

yeah, fair points. and presumably the fact that the sites are censored speaks volumes about the devs/mods preference in this issue.

i guess more than anything i don’t feel the need to hide away from hackers; some things don’t make sense being shared (especially things like internal information from EAC), but the majority are already public knowledge and instead of discussing them we hide away and keep quiet.

John Lennon once said “Always leave one door open and the enemy will concentrate their fire there and then you’ll know where it’s coming”
I believe that Rust will always have people who try to exploit the system. In response, the dev team will never be able to shut down those who are making and distributing the hacks. In the spirit of “leaving one door open” I believe the dev team best course of action is to create and flood the market with hacks… faulty hacks. These faulty hacks will appear to work at first, but will deteriorate over time and ultimately ruin the hackers experience. In return the hacker will appear on everyone’s screen, the hacker will always be a one shot kill, the hackers code locks will not protect their bases; ect. Make these hacks embeds themselves so deep into the hackers system so that no matter how many account the hacker creates, they will always be subject to an unfair playing field. I believe that rather than try to deter a hacker from hacking, you should give those who want to take advantage an easy road to hell, in a way that we all can enjoy.

here is a sweet article outlining how the GTA 5 team got creative when an exploit was discovered.