Posting your RP Communities

Have a serious think about what you’re going to post before you do so. This is to help prevent any “join my server and get admin k” threads.

Bad Example:

  • Little to no information about the community
  • Awful spelling and grammar
  • Begging for donations in return for admin
  • “5 minute advert” (no thought has been put into the post)

Good Example:

  • Quite a lot of information
  • Nothing wrong with the speeling, it’s just rite
  • Link to community/site
  • No begging for donations

Excellent Example:

  • LOTS of information
  • Written by someone who obviously has a good grasp of the English language
  • Nothing begging for donations or money
  • Link to community/site
  • A lot of time and patience has been put into the quality of the thread’s first post

If you don’t want to write out an essay like the “Excellent” example, please at least include the following info:

Server IP, Slots, Gamemode if you have a server
Info about the community (the kind of roleplay you do, some history about your community perhaps)
Links to relevant info (forum/site, info you think new players on your server should know)
Server picture from or similar, again only if you have a server

Adverts must only be posted by a leader of the community.

If a community advert is posted without providing enough info about the community itself, the thread will be DDT’d. This won’t be a sticky forever, so urge other members to include more info in their advert threads.

Cheers :wink:

Questions or comments via PM or posted below pl0x.

Fair rules I would say. Also I see what you did for the second example and the spelling bit, nothing gets past me :slight_smile:

Damn, I’ve been found out :<

You’ve the eyes of a hawk!

I think you should include a average layout, like the PC forums have. something like;

Server logo if applicable

IP Address:
Extra features/ Additions:

Extra Information / Background:

One of those weird images that tracks servers if you want it

I just noticed too “speeling” hahahaha :smiley: Sorry xD

The Extra features section can contain stuff like “What makes your server different from the other ones?”

Why this? Some community leaders have no Facepunch account at all but their staff is very active here.

“A” leader of the community. This could be one of their trusted staff :wink:

So a Super Admin would suffice?

Anyone who holds a status within the community which is the leader or just below really.

Okie dokie.

Shame people still don’t seem to be doing much in terms of following these simple steps. I’m tired of sifting through piles of shite servers just to find a half-decent, non-DMing one.

for the bad example of the server, i hope that if he decides to take you off admin, then he pays you back!

What if I want to advertise an RP server that has no community, but is just a server? Is that okay here? If not, is there a better place here for that?

You’d need to make the post as informative as possible. TRY and make it something different.

ok ima new here and i need to now how can i get an rp server up and running? like do i need to get a server by paying or do i just create a server or what? and as for the gamemode any gamemode i try and download i put in the the gamemode section in the C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps(yournamehere)\garrysmod\garrysmod\gamemodes file but when i try and use it it dusnt come up please reply anyone?

This is completely the section to post in. Have a think about the subject you have a question on, then decide where it should go.