Postman Pat's Van, no i'm actually serious

alright, so im making a comic that requires the postman pat royal mail van

i need the van to look as it is, but has enough room in the front for 2 ragdolls to sit down, and i need all doors to open, both front and back. I also need the back to be able to fit props into

reference images

i not joking, im serious when i say i want this made


Yeah, I can do this. Do you have any pictures of the back of the van and how the rear doors open?

you can see them in the video, theres literally no pictures of it from the back, only in episodes

I believe they open outwards.

That aligns perfectly with the days when I used to watch it.

And that Specsavers ad too. It probably isn’t Postman Pat canon, but still, doors open outwards, close inwards.

Ne’mine, found a video

The front, they just open like regular car doors.

All right, before I move on to doors, details, and textures, is there anything that needs changing? I’m thinking it might be a little tall in the cab area, but I’ve never watched the show.

The frame needs to be a bit wider and less sharp.

Thickening wasn’t a problem, especially with the doors and windshield, but nothing doing for rounding it off thanks to the way I built the frame to begin with. If I wanted to noticeably resculpt the edges I’d have to redo the whole thing. I tried smoothing them out, and visually they look a little rounder, but it’s not a huge difference.


thats awesome. do the doors open and close yet?

The doors are just there for fitting, in the finished version they’ll each be a bodygroup on the main model with an open and a closed position. Do you want to have glass in the windows and windshield or just leave them open to make posing a bit easier?

leave them please

Ah, when this is completed, I can actually make ragdoll poses about deliveries.

if this is completed, could i do the honour of releasing it?

No, sorry, most modellers that make models release them themselves. Allegedly it’s something to do with non-modellers taking all the credit 'cause they uploaded it.

werlp, alright.

Wait, I remember you released some of wraithcat’s ports. Presumably he (or she) was more trusting than oter people.

To get an idea for scale, here are some items and ragdolls in/near it:

If that’s good to go, I can release it in about an hour.