PostNukeRP 2

PostNukeRP 2

PostNukeRP is a Post Nuke Zombie survival gamemode focused on gathering and crafting.

While there are many base features I plan on bringing forward from PNRP on GMod, this will be a new experience.

Planned Features:

  • Salvaging materials
  • Multi Character profiles
  • Character Creator/Editor
  • Persistent Inventory
  • Persistent States to various Inventory items
  • Build-a-Car system
  • XP Gain
  • Skill System
  • Community System
  • Karma System
  • NPC Raids
  • Hunger/Food Systems
  • Unique Classes
  • Crafting
  • Power System
  • Automated Shop/Vendor System
  • Bounty System
  • Character Profiles
  • Radio System
  • VR/Non-VR (Mixed)
  • Mob Spawning system
  • NPC’s
  • Missions
  • Tool System
  • ……

Many of these systems are already in the current gamemode, those that are brought forward will be retooled and revamped.


  • Me (Eldar Storm)


Current Status:

Currently in planning as I do not have access to s&box at this time.


So, all power to you if this is what you want to do, I don’t want to crap on you for doing something ambitious, but I’m just looking at this in shock. This is a really big project to take on, especially for just one developer. VR support on its own is a major project, considering there’s no native support for it in S&box at the moment. What’s your timeframe for this?

I will probably do the same thing as before and release in stages, so classes and inventory first and so on.
As existing PNRP has most of these features, I have the outline of how I want to design the systems for s&nbox.

I never liked getting the phrase, but I think “when its done, its done” might fit lol.
But as I said before, I will probably release updates for it as I finish each system, but will start with some of the core systems that many of the others will depend on.

As for how long each stage will be? That will depend on when I get access and am able to look at how it all works.

Another thing to mention on pretty much anything developed by those who do already have access or will get access before s&box release. We all will be developing for a platform that in itself is in development.

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Ah, alright, I gotcha. So, you don’t know the timeframe. What about the VR support? Are you aware that VR support isn’t confirmed for S&box yet? Do you plan on adding VR support yourself, or are you banking on facepunch adding it?

Was not really aware that vr was not confirmed yet. I do not know how hard it would be to add without looking at everything, but with it being Source 2 the same as Alyx, I imagine support for something for it wont be a far off. Also considering how many ingenuitive people there are here.

VR would be a great thing to have for it, but no VR would not be a deal breaker for me for this.

Ah, alright.

Until I get access to a key, I will probably start planning out (whiteboarding) the systems and such for PNRP2

Getting close, should have access tonight.

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