PostNukeRP - Post Nuke Survival RP Gamemode

New gamemode that a few of us have had in the works for a bit now, we already have a Live server that has been up for a while now.
Hope you like it.

RP/Survival Mod

EldarStorm, LostInTheWired, and Gmod Addict



Stay alive and gather resources to build more equipment to help stay alive.

Automated Spawning System.
-The spawning system scales the spawn rate based on the number of players on the map.
-Currently it can spawn zombies, fast zombies, poison zombies, ant lions, and ant lion guards.
-Number of mobs and resources on the map can be changed through the admin window.
-Also the ability to setup a Spawn Grid, pre-saved spawn areas that resources and mobs will spawn in.
-If a Spawn Grid has not been setup, gamemode will use a map wide general spawner.

Resources: Scrap, Small Parts, and Chemicals
-These spawn in the same areas as the mob spawner
-Resources are used to build items from the Shop Menu (F4 or /shop)
-Trade window is also accessible through the TAB menu to barter resources for items.

-Wastelander Basically the Tank class. Bonus to Endurance, Health, Armor and scavenge ability.
-Scavenger: The scout Class. Bonus to run speed, reduced Health, scavenge ability, inventory weight, and a large bonus to gathering speed.
-Engineer: Ability to create weapons, ammo, and vehicles.
-Science: Ability to create med kits, armor batteries, explosives and turrets. (Built Turrets only attack mobs)
-Cultivator: Ability to create food.

Custom HUDs:
-Players can select different ones to use.

-When the player dies they will drop their equipped weapons and ammo on the ground, and will loose a % of their resources.

Inventory System:
-Full inventory system. Players can pickup weapons, ammo, vehicles, medical supplies, and tools and keep them in their inventory.
-F2 to pickup item, F12 to take ownership. F3 to open the inventory window or if your looking at the car it will open up the car inventory.
-Weight system: Players have a limited carry weight, as well as vehicle inventory.
-Vehicle Inventory: Players can store items in their vehicle inventory, different vehicles have different limits.
-Items can be moved from one inventory or another, can be dropped on the ground, or salvaged for a % of their resources.

World Cache System:
-Gamemode keeps track of the players vehicles and tools that they own in the world.
-If a player crashes or the server crashes the items will be added back to their inventory when they reconnect.
-If the player crashes and the items are still in the world, the items will be removed when the players reconnects and will be added back into their inventory.

Saved States:
-Gamemode will save the players HP, End, and Armor when they leave.
-Auto save function is triggered automatically every 5 min. Can be triggered manually (/save)

Prop Protection System:
-Players can take ownership of items, vehicles, tools, etc and keep others from taking them. (F12 or /setowner)
-Players can lock and unlock doors and vehicles (Using Alt-Mouse1 or Alt-Mouse2 of their Hands)
-Players are limited to how many doors they can own.
-Prevents players from grabbing doors and such with the phys gun.

Health and Endurance:
-Health will regen slowly if the player is “Inside”.
-Endurance will decrease over time and when the player reaches 80% or below they will be able to /sleep . This will regen their endurance and will regen their health faster than normal.
-If the player reaches a endurance of 0, they will pass out. If they are not “Inside” they will not regen HP.
-Players will ragdoll when asleep, and the sleep cycle can be interrupted using the /wake command.
-Health kits can be purchased, as well as energy drinks. ( energy drinks not added yet)

Skill System:
-In the works

Hunger System:
A player’s hunger will decrese based on what the player does. If a players hunger reaches 0, he will take damage.

Building and Tools:
-Creating Items from the Q menu will cost scrap, the cost varies based on the size of the item.
-Some tools are restricted to some classes.

Slash command system:
-Some of the current commands
/save - save’s your characters data.
/getallcars - picks up any cars that belong to you in the world
/getcar - picks up the car that you are looking at within 200. You must own the car to pick it up.
/dropweap or /dropgun - drops your current weapon.
/dropammo ammoType amount - Drops the type and amount of ammo. [ammoTypes = smg1, buckshot, pistol, 357, ect…]
/classmenu - Opens the class change menu.
/shop - Opens shop menu.
/inv - Opens the players inventory.
/setowner - Take / Release Ownership
/sleep - When the players Endurance reaches a certain point the player is able to sleep. Players also get a bonus to HP recovery while asleep and the player will automatically wake back up when Endurance is full.
/wake - Wakes the player from the sleeping state.

-Weapons in the game are based from the CS Realistic Weapons addon.
-Hands: used to gather resources, knock on door, slap players, lock and unlocking doors and vehicles.

Voice Chat:
-Players will say various things based off that they say in chat (example omg)
-What they say is if they are using a female or male character model
-Commands can be accessed through the C Quick Chat menu.

Full range of Derma Windows:
-Tab: main menu
-Shop Menu
-Inventory Window
-Car Inventory Window
-Class Selection
-Resource Trade Window
-Admin Menu

Admin Menu:
Admin only menu that allows admins to change various function in the gamemode on the fly.
-Toggle Prop Cost
-Admin No Cost-
-Admin Create All
-Admin Touch All
-Voice Limiter
-Death Penalty
-Class Change Penalty
-Admin Trade Window
-Spawn Grid Menu
-Spawn Settings

Current In Dev/Soon to be added:
-Hunger System [DONE]
-Skills (For each class)
-Food for the Hunger System [DONE]
-Energy Drinks
-Indoor Mod Spawner
-Many others

We are always open to suggestions and ideas for stuff to be added to the gamemode. You can post sugestions, ideas, bugs, and such at
Other projects will be posted on those forums and at

Here are some pictures od the Derma Windows, Hud, and some players on the server.

Anyway, that’s most of the features available in the gamemode, we are always adding more to it as we finish it.
Hope you enjoy it.

Update 07-05-10:
I have updates some of the points on this post. There has been many updates since this was last updated. For full patch notes, visit the site.

What an original name

Looks like you could give Radbox a run for its money.

not at all really… this one is a roleplay script that derives from sandbox.

the inventory system for this script looks really… convoluted.

If its post nuke, This would be inaccurate you wouldn’t be able to go outside at all. Watch the show thing Ill show you how to survive. Its actually realistic unlike this… You have a cage with phx on a gas station this isn’t darkrp.


Also don’t be selfish release it.

Lol’d so fucking hard.

“hurr this gamemode is so inacurate the radioation woudl kill u if u went outside :frowning: and da menus sux…BUT COME ON MAN RELEASE IT”

It’s a fucking Game Roleplay world, Not a fucking realism, if they were aiming to be realistic, They would’ve just created a small 5m x 5m box that you couldn’t move around in.

lol, we are planning on releasing it. Just want to get a few more systems in and the usuall bug fixes that comes with new code.

It is Beta :stuck_out_tongue:

pmed your edlar, give it a look

joining the server now, :confused: 610 lua file…someone needs to optimize this :confused:

edit 2:

wait…so you’re going to bash how inaccurate this gamemode is, how crappy it is, then ask him to release it?

lot of the files are from realistic css weapons and pc mod.
Later on we will be adding more customized weapons, but opted to use these for now to spend more time developing the gamemode.

Waiting for op to decide not to release it.

Jesus! look at all the flaming already! For you antid2, its LUA files! it takes like a half a second for 3 of em! Deal with it.

As for all of you other idiots complaining about the inaccuracy about it being Post Nuclear, have you guys ever experianced the presence of Radiation?! NO! For all you know, mankind is wearing protective suits to help them survive. It is unclear as to how they are living so do NOT make your stupid assumptions. Radiation can be less concentrated in areas ANYWAY. so you guys can shut up about that.

Now, on to the actual gamemode, It is still in beta and some of the core aspects are still being developed. It is a great concept and is getting better everyday, I am a proud member of the TEC group, and I will stay a member. Before all of you trolls continue your pathetic rant about how horrible or stupid this gamemode is, think of this… If it dosent matter to you and you think it is stupid, why the hell would you bother contributing to the conversation. As for the person who bashed the gamemode and then asked for a release, it just goes to show you the pure ignorance of some people. Why should he release a public gamemode for the likes of you, who are likely to just take it, put your name in every file, change a few things, and then re-upload it as your own work.

Ah yes… this guy:

Roleplay… first of all, if you would use your brain… its is still in BETA! would you like an incomplete release? I wouldnt think so, so why ask? Its up to him if he wants to release it, and it wouldnt be “selfish” to keep it to himself. People have no pride in the works of others and just steal things from other game modes and claim it as their original work. I CERTAINLY wouldnt want my script that I spent months on just to be taken by some self-centered jerk and have them paste their name over mine, calling my work theirs and then eventually claiming ME of theft. Yeah, to hell with that!

He does it in almost every RP gamemode topic from what I’ve seen.

Ironic that hes never done anything useful in the realm of Roleplaying gamemodes either. :v:

By the way, I dont think I ever mentioned this because I was too busy euthanizing the idiots of this thread, but the RP gamemode looks really nice! It could use some work, but I’m joining right now, and if I like it, I’d probably be willing to help you guys fix bugs and maybe round the edges.

This looks kinda awesome.
Good job.

Honestly… Nothing new…

Looks kinda good.

Nor is the gamemode You are ATTEMPTING to make. but alteast Eldar got somewhere…

I was amazed, this actually looks fucking derping awesome!

Good to hear. Most people who are patient to download the Lua’s and other files usually come back to play. Although I will admit, it does get kind of boring when you are alone, but then again so does any gamemode… Nothing is fun playing by yourself… ever…