PostProcessing pictures

No Photoshop or something else. Just post processing in Garry’s Mod. I hope you will like it.

(love this car =D )

(e1337 combine)


(scene build. gm_construct)



(this is real post processing! look’s awesome!)


(role play :D)



I hope you enjoy my pic’s.

Very very nice))

Promising. You should also use the color mod. It can add a nice color overlay when you stay in the dark tones.


I use color mod, bloom, super Dof.Tnx :wink:

Nice job!

Some of them are really eyekilles, but others are p. cool

Very nice other than the jpeg compression. I also like in the picture of the Combine Elite that you chose to have the patch in focus instead of the whole guy.

Tnx :wink:

The last one and the Elite are the good ones, IMO.

tnx :dance:

I liked the one with the Dramatic lighting :smiley:

Dramatic lighting?:smile: