Posts related to the old facepuch forum

With the now available old posts on this forum, and the steady uptick in users joining, we are starting to see new topics related to the old facepunch forum. As you know, the new fourm is supposed to be only related to the games that facepunch sells, and the community aspect of general discussions have been left to knockout, with garry emphasizing this fact on multiple occasions.

Should meta posts discussing the old forums be allowed? From a certain perspective they can be seen as on-topic, since they are technically discussing 'the facepunch forum’, but on the same hand you can argue that the new site should be kept separate. And that can be hard to argue, since the old posts have been moved over, and accounts merged.

What are your thoughts about this?

Meta is already close enough to off-topic as it is, we don’t need to make the distinction even more fuzzy by allowing posts about sections whose posts were not even restated (every section except for Rust and Garry’s Mod did not come back, from what I can tell)

So, IMO:
If the meta post is about a 11yo post on Garry’s Mod, it’s fine, if its about how the old facepunch forums was where a now infamous Minecraft server was first mentioned, its not fine


As long as it’s about anything facepunch related, then I’m fine. I see how it could get annoying to have 7-8 schizoposts a day but for now we have to cherish every little thing we have.


I say these forums should be related to the Facepunch projects only.

I don’t know how Garry felt with what happened to FPF before, but, like Imagine having forums ( that was mainly intended to be used for people discussing your games ) heavily being switched to discussing politics and random stuff over the years while sub forums regarding FP games heavily declining in activity mainly because the community no longer cares about the games the company makes nor about the people who run it. If people really wish to have social interactions where they talk about how is their day, some random game from 30 years ago, they should go to knockout or Discord. :man_shrugging:


I don’t exactly get what you are trying to ask here? I think anyone can ask and/or discuss about these forums as it is right now. I’m not aware of some rule against it.

Of course because Garry has already given his thoughts on this there really isn’t much to discuss anyways.


The issue isn’t discussing the fourms as they are now, but as they were before. Discussion about these fourms isn’t against the rule or anything, but some recent posts are relevent to the old fourms. Should we allow these posts?

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Sorry, I can see how that could be misinterpreted haha!

What I meant to say is: As it is now, there is no rule against the discussion of the old forums, and I dont see a reason why there would be.