Potential buyer examines android + Bonus


Those look nice.

Tell me, why is that “monster” head so clear, but his body is so blurry? (First pic)

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I need original images.

Honestly cause his face is really fun to edit so I removed the sdof from that area.

Here is the first original. There are 2 originals, one with her as the focus and one with him. Couldn’t decide which to use as the foreground so I blended them.

Here is the bonus original

She’s holding her hand on its crotch and looking at its boobs.
Is it a comfort model?

Oh Miranda… i knew Femshep wouldn’t be enough for ya… But a FEMALE ANDROID?!

Nice job.

It is now

I’d like to know where that white android is from.

Its part of the map


Fake factory!

Android with tits.