Potential Game Breaking Exploit?

Who do I contact to report what I have found to be an exploit? I’d rather not post it here, but I found a way to make myself invincible to rads. Was completely naked and running circles through the zone at full rads taking no damage.

I’d like for them to verify it in a closed environment. I’d get shot if I tried it again.


Theres a bug report page on the main website, I’m assuming you could also just contact a dev?

Yeah I’d rather it not be known public. I’d need to know which dev to contact specifically so as not to spam them or get a hold of the wrong one.

I don’t own Rust but I would have invoked chaos in a Garry’s Mod manner.

If you dont report the bug, it cant be fixed unless the devs find it themselves. If it becomes public knowledge… well, its an alpha. Shit happens… But remember we bought into this alpha to -test- it and -report- bugs.

If you bring it to public’s attention it will get fixed much faster.

And if it happens to totally bugger the servers in a mass rash of exploiters, then a reset happens. Who doesnt like a good reset?! Heh.

There are only 2 servers up anyway…EU 1 and 2 so not much damage could be done anyway

Maybe he found the nuclear launch codes?

This isn’t game breaking at all… rads barely plays a part in this game, who the fuck cares if people know this

Look what happened when the 2 duping methods got brought to the publics attention

Considering the best loot and blueprints come from rad zones… yeah it’s important.

This is an alpha test - there will be player and map wipes anyway.

You are obligated to report any game breaking bugs as a tester, its your purpose.

File a ticket using the instructions in the sticky about purchasing problems if you’re so goddamn hung up about disclosing it that you won’t reveal it to anyone but Garry in person with three pieces of photo ID and thumbprints verified by Interpol.

Actually it will just get exploited more.

You are dumb, everyone gets every blueprint the first few days after the wipe.

Please take a look at the guidelines of the bug tracker. It clearly says:

This isn’t a game-breaking exploit.