Potential good idea for Rust servers

IMO i think Rust should implement a so called “Faction” to servers. The main idea to this is to allow other members in your “Faction” access to open up your doors. I believe this would add to more people playing for a longer period of time. I for instance play with a large group of people, but can’t play freely whenever I want because some doors i can’t access. You would think a solution would be build a smaller shack by it but it just isn’t as save and just gets raided which makes you want to stop playing because you lost everything you did the past day or two. I think if you allowed permissions to allow others to access your door would be beneficial to the game in the long run.

Some negatives i thought about was a larger group could build a really hard base to raid and start dominating a server easily. What you could do is simply limit each door to only allow 2 or 3 people to access it so it still requires a decent amount of doors so raiding is still possible. Just a suggestion so people who play with others can make the game more fun and able to play at different times etc.

Please post feedback to this idea. It would be like minecraft factions as far as doors go and permissions etc.

personally a no-choice faction are a no go for me. What I got from your post is players MUST select a faction at the start.
*I’m a bit tired however so I could be misinterpreting. *

Reasons are that this game feels more like, Darwins theory, put into practice… and its a survival of the fittest after a crisis crippled rust island.

Also I’m sure eventually player made clans (essentially factions) will be able to pass on permissions for doors, etc, unless lock combos fix this (look below).

The devs are planning to implement lock combo doors, so have no fear; linkage in here!