Potential organized antigrav vehicle event

In this thread I’ll be measuring interest for a possible anti-gravity vehicle race event, similar to Phulax’s rally events. NOTE THAT THIS IS STILL IN EARLY PLANNING.
Here’s an early draft of the rules. Please give feedback and constructive critizism!

**Vehicle rules
**1. No setAng() or setPos() allowed for movement, steering or hovering. However, controlling fins with them is allowed. (Turning your entire vehicle into a fin to get around this will get you disqualified.)
2. Max unboosted top speed 250 km/h, as indicated by toUnit(“km/h”,N). (It’s not realistic, but it creates a unified standard.)
3. Max boosted top speed 300 km/h (See boost rules.)
4. Max acceleration 0-100 km/h in 1 second.
5. Max hovering distance from track surface 73 units (the height of the player)
6. No autopilot.

**Boost rules
**1. Max boost depletion time 10 seconds.
2. Boost recharge time x4 the vehicle’s own boost depletion time.

**Vehicle classes
**1. Wiremod based hovering (Thrusters and Expression 2)
2. Marum’s HoverBalls based hovering (Meant for beginners who can’t do Wiremod hovering yet.) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=763643396
3. StarfallEx or Expression Advanced 2 based hovering (Not sure if this will stay or not, depending on how they compare to Wiremod based vehicles)

**Contest structure option 1
**Time trial where every participant gets 3 laps to do the fastest time possible. One participant and vehicle at a time, in order of race number.

**Contest structure option 2
**8 contestants in single elimination tree with 3 rounds. Two vehicles at a time racing head-to-head.


Track candidates



**Interested? Let me know in the poll. I’m not gonna try organizing something like this if there aren’t enough antigrav vehicle builders to begin with.

Interesting! I like it.

I would participate if I could build.

I’ve been working on a hover car e2. You were on buuf’s one day and showed me a bunch of your cars. I also drove a few of them. They are epic. So, I’m trying to code an e2 to have similar hover functionality. It’s not easy. I can see now why your cars are holo body, as any other props interfere with range finding operations. No problems, I’ve finally become adept at holo modelling. So, I hope to make a scratch-built e2 and make a worthy car for this possible event.