Potentially starting a STALKER RP Server.

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Hello. I’m sure some of you have played STALKER RP in Gmod at some point. I for one found it the best and easiest to get in to. It was very basic and primal, but with the right people and mods, it could get a lot of depth as well. None of my friends are interested in RP in Gmod anymore, and I can’t really blame them because most(99%) is utter shite. So, I’m call out to people who might be interested in getting a STALKER RP server up together. I’ll be paying for the entire thing, but I’ll need personel and administrative members since I can’t be on all the time due to University.

A thing I want to adress address? whatever. A thing I want to change is the accessability to new players. Players who’re serious about RPing but doesn’t know anyone on the server. I obviously don’t want people to play for an hour and get everything and become the leader of a faction. But I noticed that when I played it, it was hard to even get money regularly other than DMing other people. I recognize that killing is part of STALKER, but killing everyone you meet is ridiculous.

Like I said before, I’d want to have regular artifact spawns/drops but also random crap you could find and sell to the NPC trader. What do you guys think about this, and do you have any other ideas about how to make it more accessible to “new” players?

What about instead of using NPC traders, you use actually players?

This would be a little more practical since you don’t have to sit on your ass for ages, waiting for a trader to get on. Of course, there can always be independant traders, akin to stalkers selling loads of equipment.

Also post this in the STALKER megathread, it’ll get you some more attention.

There’s going to be player Traders. We’d have one NPC trader that’s on all the time, unless we disable him of course. But yeah, the idea is to make the whole thing influenced by the players.

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Will do.

What gamemode are you going to be using. Also, will new players start with a Makarov and few sums of ruble?

Probably Cakescript2. It has the functionality we need. Model selection, Faction control etc.
Like stated in the OP, one of my major goals is to make this as accessibile for new players as possible without holding their hands or giving hand outs.

I think we’ll roll with the minimalistic kit + makarov thing because that’s how STALKER starts out and it seems to work. Any ideas/suggestions?

Also for those that want a say in things, add me on steam(nrno2001@yahoo.dk) or skype(corewarp).

Might be interested in this. I’m not sure what I have to contribute, but if you can do it better than the horror stories I’ve heard it could be quite cool.

Basically, the horrendous shit I’ve experienced on STALKER servers were, abusive/non existant admin. While killing is a part of STALKER, it’s not fun to see Military stalkers in Full gear just killing random Stalkers. The other thing is admins/mods being in a Faction and making that faction over powered. Otherwise there’s the problem with nothing having ANYTHING to do, which is a pretty big issue.

If it’s like that one Stalker RP before HGN, I’m totally in.

What was a real deal breaker in HGN’s Stalker RP was the immense amount of bantidts (or lolbantits to be exact), everywhere you went you would get robbed by bandits.

One thing to make it more Stalker-esque would be keeping the combat as direct as possible. Perhaps create weapons that handle similiarly to the ones in Deus Ex (inaccurate, take a long time aim well and reload), this would make firefights intense and have them take longer.
Or how about making the weapons work like described above, but give them unlimited ammo to reload with and a suppression effect (aiming cone gets bigger when bullets pass by). Better make the bullets quite lethal too.
Not forgetting the jamming weapons either.

With these two combined firefights would go from the boring ol’ RP gunfights (Roast aims for Zhenka’s leg, but misses) boredom to opponents firing a haze of bullets towards each other, just hoping to score a hit.

For melee, there could be a “dice” system where the person attempting the melee locks into the other player where the hitting players weapons has a percentual chance to score a hit, but the person getting hit has percentual change for an auto-block. These statistics could be calculated from the weapons lenght, weigh and possible sharpness.

Weapons would need to be tailor made, which I should be able to do. Not sure about the melee thing you talked about. But hand-to-hand takedowns are on my list. I recognize that some times just happen in a split second and standing around typing while the other person has time to draw their weapon is derpy and rather dumb and can lead to unnessesary conflicts.

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Please elaborate :smiley:
And someone please tell me more about HGN. They sound more horible than I’ve heard.

Heh, you just said “They sound more horrible than I’ve heard” which makes no sense.

Anyway, there were some admins that always made epic things happen and such. It was really fun for some reason. There weren’t that many people, but enough to make their own factions and basically rape loners. I can’t really say much since I don’t remember much.

Took me a minute to realize what I said xD. But okay then, I can promise that this won’t turn into HGN : 3.

What do I need to do to expedite your progress, then?

Add me on steam(nrno2001@yahoo.dk) or skype(corewarp). I need administrative/creative people.

I can’t find you on Steam under either of those.

Youre going to get DDOSed by silver knight constantly.



Can someone give me a link to download content? I’d rather not have to download it all while trying to connect.