[POV]Just another drive[Screen stretch]

I like the angle. Bloom is bit bright for me.
But this is really close to Test Drive game.

Damn, that car behind the orange one is one tailgating asshole.

I like it man, but I agree with Dinnyforst, the bloom is a tat to bright but it works.
It would also be nice to see people in the other cars…rather than empty seats.

Good work!

The left hand side being empty or it might be to dark for me to see :(, I do see a person in the rear view mirror though.

Damn, we got ghosts on the highway!!

The missing people in the cars is all that is wrong with it to me, Nice job

needs some sense of movement but its well done.

It’s very good, but those textures are a huge let down.

I know. They are the default GTA IV Stallion textures. I guess rockstar didnt but TOO much effort into the interior, you dont really see it ingame so I get their point in this.

…in a ghost town.

The idea was to make it look like a flud higheway, where exactly do you see it as a ghost town?

No other drivers


Ah. right ^^ well I was kinda lazy to add em D:

Ghost cars.