Poverty of Thought Post-Action


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Forgive me, I’m rustier than I remember.

Rusty? Shit, the composition, atmosphere, and lighting almost make it look like an actual picture despite some pretty sub par models. I’d say you nailed it.

Thanks! I just didn’t think it was up to my usual standard of Garry’s Mod related work (my last post was a year or two ago, or maybe three; can’t frankly, I can’t remember).

Example of previous work:

To be honest, it just feels more natural. Your other images, while kick-ass, look like concept art (which is toootaally not a bad thing). But this one looks like a picture of some post war or post disaster scene in a trench or something. I mean, it’s clearly from a game, but something about it just feels very natural and real.

I actually thought this was a real picture because I came from the new threads list
then I saw the HL2 models and thought “wow”

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what filters did you use to get that “real” look? that’s so uncanny

Lots of shading. The Source engine lacks quality highlights and shadows in games, so I add them myself in Photoshop (using the Dodge and Burn tools). Also, a bit of volumetric light, fog, and color correction goes a long way!

Wow amazing. I really love your editing style, I wish I could edit like that.

Looking forward to see more from you in the future.

holy shit you make the low poly corpses so look so good

good to see you back, your stuff has always been great!

Excellent composition and scene build I like it.

thats some good ao

Welcome back double o seven.