Power Armor, Archangels, Assassins and Bugs

I made a bunch of pictures recently but I didn’t want to make a bunch of threads. So here they are.



[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Assassin Surrounded.jpg[/img_thumb]


[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Shadow Warriors.jpg[/img_thumb]



[img_thumb]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/27247686/Ace Combat.jpg[/img_thumb]

Oh my…STARSHIP TROOPERS! Heh, I’ll assume you got inspiration from the new CGI one being released? But back on-topic, these look fantastic!

Yeah I did pretty much. Had to watch the 1st movie too to get myself even more pumped.

Blood Eagles are gorgeous in grey.
Great work on these, lonefire. :smiley:

and then… i became erect

Awesome stuff!

I signed up to fight SANDRAKERS not SANDCRAWLERS

I like the three small pics the best.

The lady to the far right of the 2nd picture looks like she’s from Vindictus, is that correct?


I’m a little curious as to why there’s some newspaper clippings hanging from her belt there…

I have no idea. I think it was inspired by Warhammer or something because that’s the only other thing I’ve seen where people have like pieces of paper attached to them.

That would make sense if they were ancient scriptures or something like that, but that looks like a newspaper clipping to me.

Woah waoah woah…new CGI starship troopers movie ?

PLEASE DO SAY the name of this

Also nice job on the first screen very nice scene build

The lower section of what she’s wearing is part of the “Blood Prince” set,
the Blood Prince was basically a demonic giant skeleton that was trying to take over a town.
The scrolls on it were suppose to be like Japanese totems that prevented it from using supernatural forces from making itself stronger.
Or at least that’s what I would assume from having played the game.
But then again, I’m an idiot.

you’re my second favourite screenshotter tbh

the first is me.

Ya know that trailer makes me wonder…will they ever finish those LASTR 3 episodes of the ST animated show

Every time I watch that series I feel sad when I get to the end.

3 more fuckin’ episodes man…


first one is really sexy!