Power armored soldier on patrol


Seemples Squark camera angle test

No editing? O_o
Looks a bit strange theres an alien in the background and the mysterious stranger standing there with a knife?
Erm maybe you could edited it so it lood like theres dust flying around or let the city look more destroyed.

The Sun is very nice!
Posing is good too but what is the Alien doing?

Edit:First in :smiley:

The mysterious stranger’s me, and this isn’t in the fallout universe. this is just a normal summer’s day. and there is editing for the sun and to brighten the lighting, and the alien’s looking for his ship, you know? you park it somewhere and it ends up far away from where you remember?


Posing is pretty good… But why is the martian there? O.O

Read above post. and he IS a martian but not a war of the worlds one.

…I did read the above post. And I’m aware it’s a Martian from Fallout 3.

Wow you call that a normal summer day? O_o

"Do you have any T51b’s?"oh you do so your not useless.


Put more in the background.

joke from fallout 3
you ask a armor shop owner “Do you have any T51b’s? oh you don’t your useless.”

Sorry haven’t played fo3 in a looong time

He isn’t patrolling very well if you ask me… seeing as he hasn’t spotted the obviously shifty-looking guy with the knife right behind him.


Please edit your pics better! For your sake and the rest of us!

It’s an improvement over your other stuff, but it still has a bland look. Maybe some more stuff in the background, make it look snazzy.

If it wasn’t for posts like this i’d give up posing entirely,(Now ibet you’re all gonna flame me JUST to make me quite)


Shut up, picture’s don’t need editing to look better

Then why did you edit this with a stupid sun and lens flare effect that was totally unnecessary?

You don’t get it do you? I don’t make screens to please you.

Actually, the shop owner “Has a little bit of everything” (Seagrave Holmes). He sells some armors but mostly shit. Unless there is armor shop owner I’ve never heard of.

Looks good.