Power from a motor/engine

I was wondering how I can harness the power of an engine or a motor, and transfer them to lets say, a wheel. I was thinking it had something to do with ball-sockets, but I’m not sure entirely on what I should be doing.

Adv Ballsocket the crankshaft of an engine to a wheel.

The wheel should turn with the motion of the crankshaft.

Alright, what settings do I need to put the adv ballsocket? Default?

Use Advanced BallSocket.
Make all the values 0
And check the two checkboxes at the bottom ^^
Then you should be able to connect wheels to an crankshaft :smiley:
But there is a catch.
The crankshaft or whatever must be spinning the same direction as the wheels.
You cant for example have the shaft like this: ( | ) While the wheels are like this: ( - )
It must be like ( - - - ) not ( - | - )
It will fuck up then.
You understand? ^^
And the wheels work much better if you just use wheel props constrained with axis :smiley: