Power Ranger NPCS

Someone should make some Power Ranger Npcs. Not shitty Disney power rangers, but the original Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The Putty Patrol, Lord Zed, and some other monster would be awesome too. Each Power Ranger’s Weapon and their Zords would be fucking AWESOME

Oh god grow up.

Do you honestly think that some dudes in tight colorful suits would be fucking awesome?


And the way things have been going we’ll get some nostaliafucks in here clamoring for more.

Not really, but think of the lulz factor in Gmod videos

What kind of possible instance could happen in which power rangers could be funny.

There’s nothing “lulzy” about these.

You’re just jelous that you can never be as awesome as them.

First post is about power rangers, either a 8 year old or a troll.

Which is why I have discontinued my exchange with him and will not post here any more.


Because you are not a man.

I’m not a troll or 8. I just want some god damned power rangers, Why can’t a man ask for power rangers!?

Your not 8 Because your 4. “Your just Jelous because you can’t never get such powers than Power rangers…”

Who said he wants to be a power Ranger?

You obviously don’t know how my inner mind works.

If I was 4 how the fuck would I like the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, if it came out in 1993?

Their squad color is a rainbow. Im jealous!

hey, have you ever tried to give a squad of tellitubbies a crowbar, spawn 210 fast headcrabs and throw them into the pit? that shits pretty fun to watch… i can almost relate to this :x

I second this request

We need Giant Fucking robots too.

We got those already :v

But we need more!

In gmod. they would look ridiculous. especially considering what this community would do with them

It would end up used in a few machinimas, and forgotten.

rag dolls, I would go for, but no one would waste the time scripting NPC code for the power rangers.

seriously, watch them again, now realize how awful of a kids show it was, and how many plot holes you didn’t notice, as you were maybe 3-4 at the time.

Never know, the teletubbies ragdolls are fairly widespread…


Wait what? Oh… I get it :dance: