Powerful 2-stroke hydraulic engine (W.I.P)

Hai thear!

This is my first video of my GMod contraption - which isn’t my first.
It’s still a work in progress and I hope I manage to make a nice look to it.

As you might notice, the video lags a bit (idk what happened during the record).
I also want to mention, that it really has A LOT of weight in front, but it just has teh powar inside!
And yes, I had to weld latch the engine-wheels for make it stop…
Timing with beacon sensor + E2.
Hope you like it. Enjoy.

Hahaha, awesome song.

How fast can that engine push that car?

Also, I don’t notice anyone talking about this and its slightly off topic, but does anyone use phys_maxvelocity and phys_maxangularvelocity on their servers? Or, do people leave it at the default generally? I’m just curious, because i like to increase it in singleplayer to have faster helicopter blades. But it has this weird effect and doesn’t just increase the speed limit per say, it actually increases the speed of everything. It’s like a multiplier. Maybe i should make a thread concerning this or search it. XD sorry!

Looks spazzy and jumpy, the whole reason why I’m making mine right now. I don’t know… maybe on Fri/Sat I’ll post pics and a vid.

It was around 100 and 110 km/h at max., but not with those settings as in the vid. And sorry that I forgot it from the vid. :<

Really nice engine, good work!

it looks like an energy leak to me, high torque shouldn’t lift the car like that.

What do you mean by “energy leak”?

EDIT: Oh, and the rear tires weight is around 1500-2000 (I don’t remember…), so that’s why they have a lot of grip.

wheels don’t have enough grip to do that without some sort of downforce

But I don’t have any downforce…? o_O Even my E2’s doesn’t apply any kind of force to them for the grip

Oh yeah, if I remember right, those rear wheel’s physical properties have been changed to rubber or something…

hmm i may make a slower version to go with my engine type and make it for a tank. Profit?

Can someone link me to the Prodigy wheels used in the video? I can’t seem to find it on garrysmod.org. Thanks!

Phx 3 SVN.

I made a small 4 cylinder hydraulic engine with the help of satri ali a very long time back. The problem with hydraulics is that to get the torque that you need you have to over stretch the hydraulics, this puts strain on the physics of gmod so you get an engine or vehicle that shakes and moves of its own accord. However, you can have an ulimited amount of torque in theory from an engine like this so if you can mount it so its reasonably stable then its perfect for low speed grunt which you can gear up to make it fast. the more hydraulics you use the more stable it will be from my experience. i would try and work on a straight 6 version but i don’t really play gmod all that much.

To add on to this (and not to thread-jack), I recently posted a video of a very heavy vehicle being powered by a V4 hydraulic engine.

The way I set up the hydraulics, the length was not stretched all to much (no more than +50 either way). In this video, you can see that the engine doesn’t do any violent shaking whatsoever, just some torquing at start-up.

I got an insane amount of torque out of the engine by

  1. having fairly tuned timing (always helps)
  2. making sure my firing order was balanced in all directions (forward and back AND left and right)
  3. modifying the damping and constant values of the hydraulics (setting the damping to 0 should produce the most torque after modifying the constant). I think I set mine up so that the expression would subtract from the constant the higher the RPM, giving me the ideal RPM for the engine.

I hope someone can gather something from the above. Good luck, and happy building!

I’m also experimenting with hydraulic engines, but I can’t seem to figure out how to Wire them correctly…


Where X is max length of the stroke, Y min length and Rot is the angle of rotation so that the Hydraulic (H1 in this case) is timed correctly. I cant seem to get a stable RPM, even if I use up to 4 hydraulics on each side of the wheel I’m turning…

Also, how do I apply varying torque?

probably control throttle by controlling the length of the hydraulic.

To get a stable RPM, at least one of two things needs to happen.

  1. A weight of at least 500 for the crankshaft, though you can experiment with lower weights.
  2. A damping value of 0. Again, experimenting with raising this might produce better results, but I doubt it.

anyway, back on topic, how’d you get that much grip, I set the weight of my wheels to 5000 and it still spins like a dry-cleaner on the spot O.o it also goes straight through the ground -.-