Powerpuffters Etiquette Guide for the Unfriendly Bandit

1st May I ask you a question?
Do you want to increase your probabilities of surviving?

It doesn’t matter if you want to be a friendly rust player or a ruthless bandit, this first piece of advice is relevant to increasing your odds of surviving (especially in the initial stages of the game). Anyone who you isn’t apart of your teamspeak group, or gaming community, is Kill on sight. When you spawn into Rust, you will be placed into the spawning zones of rust. These zones are littered by both noob friendly players and dangerous bandits and you should not attempt differentiate between the two. Would you rather get called an idiot noob after killing a guy jumping up and own with a flare? or turn your back on him and get hacked in the back two seconds later and lose all your stuff.

Rust is survival of the fittest and smartest, not survival of the friendliest

2nd.- Approaching someone:
In the initial stages i.e when you spawn, you are going to need to hack your way out of spawn, and hopefully pick up some useful items along the way from some of these idiots that are jumping up and down with flares and shouting “friendly”. The best ways of approaching these guys, is when they have their back turned and are hacking away at a wood pile/ dead animal. sneak up towards them, using, bushes, trees and delves in the land as cover. Once they start hacking at a wood pile/ dead animal, then is the time to strike. I tend to think of these guys as “free medikits” rather than other human players. This helps prevent you from feeling sorry or forming an emotional attachment to them. As a bandit you are going to do a lot of killing, so get used to being called an idiot noob.

3rd.- Approaching a building:
For the love of god DONT LIGHT FLARES. They light you up light a Christmas trees and tell other bandits “hi, i’m here, come and kill me”. When you are approaching a building at night, start sneaking when you are within 10 meters. If you are lucky, the poor fella inside wont hear or see you. Wait by his front door until the morning (don’t make any noise by moving) and you can whack him over the head with a hatchet when he leaves to explore. Guys that are living in buildings, usually have a sleeping bag, take the sleeping bag down with your hatchet before looting any of his stash- otherwise he will keep re-spawning. You can then take down his door with an axe and put your own door and sleeping bag up to claim his building as your own, if it takes your fancy. This can be difficult and can take a while- but if you pull it off, its a great way to start off as a bandit in Rust

4rd.- Teaming up:
Other bandits will kill you on sight and being a bandit alone can not only be difficult but also boring. Find a group of guys with a teamspeak channel- if they are friendly to everyone, then leave it and find a different one more suitable to your banditry needs. The most successful groups of people in this game understand the importance of kill on sight and by joining their teamspeak you usually become not kill on sight to them (especially if you have a mike.) Groups of bandits are very very effective in rust. In the groups I have been apart of, its not unusual to share crates filled with bullets, guns, Kevlar, resources and more food than you will ever need. Other human players eventually stop becoming a threat, and the only things you need to really worry about is other organised groups of bandits and hackers.

Okay, i hope this guide is useful to all of you wannabe bandits out there. Don’t pay attention to any of the hate that you get. Being a bandit is both a fun and refreshing part of Rust. Good luck, and remember- if you see me ingame, jump up and down with a flare in your hand :wink:


ps i’ll update this over the coming weeks

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There are friendly bandits?

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The first point should be: Learn to fucking aim. You need to be able to deal with big groups of people using minimal ammo and by suprising them winning even if they’re outnumbering you,.

There are friendly bandits?

Powerpuffters Etiquette Guide for the Unfriendly Bandit

gg on comprehension, but yeah, you are only friendly to other bandits if they are in your gaming group/ teamspeak as explained

Hello: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1281274

If you have to call out there’s unfriendly bandits you’re kind of implying there are friendly ones as well just saying.

Your kind of players is the worst in survival games. But I have to admit there should be such bandits, or it won’t be fun.

Still, KoSing people that are not dangerous to you is something strange to me.

@ aftokinito

completely different post, with a completely different opinion and topic, this is a post for bandits, that post was a guide for friendlies. same layout though.

if that happens, it’s time to get even.
hunt them down, make it your mission.
do it over and over.
show them you’re not to be fucked with.

do that, and i guarantee any “bandit” or spawnkiller will fuck off.

Well, another way of surviving is teaming up with people and cooperate. Your way is safer for the game as it is now, though.

Also nice structure copy from my guide.

I’ve never been “hunted down” and no one has ever retaliated against me. The sad truth is that most"freindlies" have no idea how to kill or pvp because they are so docile- that’s not to say that friendlies are incompetent at the game. Its just they have no clue how to fight because they run and hide, while bandits quickly become adept and hunting, stalking and more importantly, killing.

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I thought I might borrow your structure- its clear and effective :slight_smile:

Of course, I never meant that people has to be friendly always. It could also be applied to bandits. That you declare friendly doesn’t mean you are friendly. You could befriend the player and then stab the fool in the back. Sometimes it’s better to use the head rather than the trigger, don’t you think?

Retaliation will come swiftly.

Wait, who said what? I dunno.

Nothing going on here…

This is why we can’t have nice things.