Ppl still building under map

people are using the doors to push them self under the map, then theres no stability and they can build rite up under my base and use the same bug to eject up thought the map in 2 the chest rooms.

squish ya self between a door and a tool cubard and look down after u got 2 floors hanging out under the map from your platform, on the edge of a hill. and u will pop thought.

Fix plz :wink:

Nice going Dick.

Explaining the glitch wasn’t enough for you? You had to tell everyone how to do it?

Thanks for telling usernametaken. Stuff like this needs to be reported, I think the devs will sure read this.

Interesting, if anyone can replicate and repost to youtube it would be useful.

That’s why we play Rust, to find the glitches, report them till their fixed.

Reporting glitches is one thing. That’s just fine. Describing exactly how to do them isn’t a very wise decision. You know just as well as I do there are people who read these threads JUST to find out how to take advantage of said glitches.

there been fixing them, and i left a few things out.

Thanks, now that I know about this, I will replicate it and youtube it for sure.

I’ve managed to get under the map a few times but it had bad consequences for me. The ocean is underneath the whole map. I died of being too cold once and the other I just drowned because I couldn’t figure out how to get back out. Your body pops back out of the ground when you do die though so at least someone can loot your stuff.