PPPoE static IP

I’m trying to start up a server, but i have PPPoE internet with dynamic IP and a Corega BarSD router, so as you can see the problem is the server’s ip is going to change everytime i restart the router, or power fails etc. Is there any way to set a static ip only for the PC that is going to be the server? I tried the good ol’ set the ip manually in Network Connections, but because the ip is the same as the gateway, windows keeps deleting the gateway address, and it says unidentified network under Local Area Connection. Is there a fix? Or do i have to give up my dream of starting a gmod server? :frowning:

www.no-ip.com can set an address such as servername.servegame.com. Their software means you can update it in an instant.

Ah thanks a lot, this is really gonna help!

Yes, and if you actually buy a domain name you can use a CNAME record to redirect srcds.YOURAWESOMEDOMAIN.com to the ugly no-ip address.

a record is better

About that, can i add my own domain name to no-ip or do i have to redirect to my no-ip address from my hosting account?
Scratch that, i just figured out what you meant, i didn’t know how to use CNAMEs.