Ppsh 41



I know this has probably been modeled before… but i like the gun, and felt i’ve been a bit boring just lately, so… i present to you a early stage w.i.p (planning on making it a swep, going to learn how to do the whole sight thing, where you can aim with the sights… also have moving parts, like the clips and strap which arn’t modeled yet…)

high version:


2k tris

low version:


600 tris

lol… to the difference!

You may notice it looks rather high poly, that’s because it is… lol i just felt like making some high poly models, i will make it a low poly version also, for all you people heavily against it, at the moment it’s pretty unoptimised, but i want to keep the whole gun (high poly) at around 10k tris, or roughly 5k polys. Just to see if i can do it really.

Anyways i know this is ridiculously early stage but, let me know what you think :slight_smile: cheers guys

That’s pretty high-poly for the stock; something you really won’t be seeing in-game.

true… but you could say… why even model it in the first place… couldn’t you? it’ll be a world model to don’t forget, also maybe try see if i can have a melee attack with sweps too.

starting to look a lot more like a gun now :slight_smile:



Sure as hell beats my rifle I have to make for college, any tips on how to get the wooden bit shaped nicely?

pics of my rather poor attempt

looks nice for a low poly rifle, il post a wire frame of mine and you can see how i’ve distributed mine, bere in mind i start with a “plane”:


try and keep everything to quads also :slight_smile:

Remove the “cap” you’ve got at the end of the barrel shroud. If you need any detail refs let me know, I’ll go and grab a few pictures for you.

I love your models luch. <3

ok will do, is it liturally just there as a cap, or does it do something? and cheers toxic :slight_smile:

ok guys question… drum mag or standard? or both? :slight_smile: ermm also boolean, or transparency? personally i prefer boolean but i think il do with out for low and with for high.

Standard for sure.

Actually I guess the drum mag would be more unique. :]

You’re misunderstanding. There is nothing on the end of the barrel shroud.


il show you the picture im using as a side reference:


Apperently late production of it, not gonna lie no nothing about guns so your probably right. I’ve taken it off anyways now looks better to be fair.



Don’t forget the ventilation holes on the top and bottom of the barrel shroud.

Make a drum mag version as well.

ok, yeh don’t worry just haven’t got onto that part yet lol cutting it by hand makes it a lot less messy

Looking very good! Also I would love to see a drum mag version too, nice work dude!

Why does everybody want to make those copycat Soviet weapons? Somebody has to make a Suomi KP/-31 SMG, which the Soviets COPYED when they were creating the PPSh-41.