Practicality of using Photoshop to make large terrain textures?

Hello all.

I’m starting work on a large open terrain map, and am dreading doing the textures thanks to Hammer’s shitty way of handling it for displacements and blends. I’ve heard the idea floating around that sometimes people use large resolution textures made in photoshop, and just apply a single texture to the terrain ala regular brushwork, but I after searching around a bit I haven’t found any resources on optimizing it or what texture resolutions work best. Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, who knows.

Has anyone here done it? Are there any performance issues involved with using such a large texture? Would it be better off to break it down into a few smaller textures? I’m thinking this would be a much better alternative to using displacements as I wouldn’t have to worry about cutting them up in all sorts of different ways to get the detail I want.

since the max resolution for a texture is 4096x4096, i’m not sure that’s a good idea

If I were you I’d just make a big land texture (It’s better to be based on real land textures or, if you can’t use real land textures, just some tweaked dirt textures) at 2048x2048 or 4096x4096 (Whichever size is best for you) and apply a $detail with a 512x512 to 2048x2048 normal ground texture. The downside is that source can’t do $detail multi-blend, which is why I tried doing something similar but gave up.

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Oh, and regarding performance. No performance issues at all, the only problem is that a texture that big can use up to 100MB of memory, and since you have to split displacements to get a decent lightmap scale and vertex density, vrad will take a while to compile.

Not quite what I am looking for, Skerion. I don’t want the texture to generate the terrain itself, I just want to use it as an easier and more detailed way of texturing a displacement I’ve already made.

Thanks for the info, guys.

My mistake.

No worries!

Oh and I also have an example from when I did this.
Textures are from cgtextures, slightly edited. And I overestimated memory usage a liiiittle too much :v:

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Yea, this method works great. I started a huge desert map some time ago for gmod, and wanted it too look good when viewed from above, and avoid texture repetition, while keeping fast performance.
Here are some screens showing the terrain (I never finished that map tho, so pls forgive me for partial ugliness)

The base texture is an actual aerial photo of 4096x4096 pixels and the vtf is ‘only’ about 10MB, so no problem there.
The detail is 1024x1024 or so, i believe, also one thing you might wanna make sure is that the detail texture fades out with distance, or you’ll get the horrible texture repetition you wanted to avoid.
You can do this by editing the mipmaps.
So yea, this method is definetly worth playing around with.
I think they used it in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. but with detail bumpmaps and blending and and other fancy stuff. (?)

That looks fucking awesome, Project Ninety.

Can we see the texture of the terrain alone?

reminds me of From Dust, Good job.

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