Praetoria Guard is looking for Rust players!

Hi everyone, I’m IceHit6, a platform leader in the PC gaming section of Praetoria Guard.

As a little introduction, Praetoria Guard is one of the oldest in gaming history actually. It started in 2004, mainly hyped around the game Halo. Over the past few years, we have been opening up our “gaming horizons” and right now, as one of the many game we are including, we are looking at Rust. Soon enough we will have a fully public, empty, and ready to go server for anyone who wants to play on it, and we are working to get as many people to make sure that when you come to play on it, there will be plenty of people to communicate and socialize with.

We are a public gaming community who enjoys anyone’s company! We welcome all types of gamers into this community; competitive, casual, and even the “occasional” gamer.

Please, come over to Praetoria Guard at and post a little about yourself in the introduction section! Tell us about your gaming history, and the games you currently enjoy playing, and you are sure to have plenty of people who will enjoy playing with you.