Praise to the Rust God, pray that he brings us an update today

I shall sacrifice the first newspawn of my clan as a gift for our lord Garry. Please accept this offering, great god of Rust, and if your generosity is as substancial as we were told at our Garry’s Temple, please grant us the blessing of a new update.

We, the clan of believers, are ready to sacrifice other newspawns if you judge our first offering unworthy of your nobleness.
“Genesis 22:2:
He said, Take your newspawn, your only newspawn BasuKun, whom you love, and go to the Valley of Rad-Town, and offer him there as a poisoned offering on one of the mountains of which I shall tell you.”*

“May the sun gods smile upon you all.” -The Great Montezuma


What do we get… locked backpacks lol :smiley:

Can’t wait for the other shizzle though.

Because screwing with religion is always smart on the internet

how is this shit not enough like seriously

change is good. without change Rust becomes Corrosion. o_0

We will wipe our server at the update (useless to do it beforehand, in case the update forces a wipe anyway). Since our players know a wipe is coming very soon, they’ve all stopped playing and are all waiting for the update/wipe to arrive so they can come back.
We are usually 20-30 players, right now the server has 0-1 players 24h/24, ahah.

Besides, this thread is just a bit of humor, no need to get upset. :slight_smile:

or… most people like playing on servers with 70-100 people on them where it’s more fun. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Rust God, Garry, has answered! Praise Garry! Thank you for accepting our sacrifices! A new dawn is upon us!

you guys are fools

It’s not the update we deserved but the one that we needed.