Prawn kicking an MNU

C&C :ohdear:

kick him in the chest bye goes your leg

How the hell did he…
Is his leg missing…

I don’t know…
Nice angle and editing.

Idk, watch the movie :buddy:

I have. :v:

right arm you asshat it was his right arm! :v:

You didn’t have to put my widescreen version up.

No it wasnt, they pick up his leg

It was his arm

I just saw the movie… its the right arm mate…


Should’ve waited till District 9 models somehow came out… or just used a different premise.

I was expecting a small crustacean shrimp

It’s J Hat!!! Just jokin’. But he’s right. Nice pose.

Fine, this is the other guy that got kicked, bam, its settled

Coulda been better if he lost his arm and if the vort was holding it.

So its like he ripped it off then kicked him.

Poor other guy :frowning: He’s scene didnt made it to the movie.
Nice editing tho.

The MNU gy tried to kick him in the face then POW!

Man that movie is Awesome! Infact i just watched it.

Yeah in the film he grabs the guys arm then kicks him, pulling it clean off!