Prawn Player Model Needs Some Work

Okay, I was playing with the Prawn Player Model that’s based off of District 9, but then I noticed a few things.

First being that it is missing some animations. The Prawn Player Model doesn’t have the animations for when your walking or running without weapons.

Second is that the prawn player model does not have a vgui icon in the player model menu, instead it has a black square instead of an icon.

So I was wondering could anyone do some work on the model possibly?

It’s not gonna happen as that thing has fully custom anims and if the guy who made them isn’t gonna improve them…

The black square thing is a bug and they’re auto generated by the game (so who knows how to fix that thing >.<)

Yeah, I did all the animations for that. I know several of them suck and a few are missing, and that’s probably not going to change unless someone wants the blend files and fix/make more. I really don’t have the time to make additional ones, and I’ve kind of stopped animating in general cause I suck at it.

Well then could someone make a new Prawn Model?

Why would they make a new model? the current one works just fine. It just needs animations added.

Because you said you’d stop doing animations because you suck at it, but all I want is a fixed version with the missing animations, the rest of them are fine.

You don’t need a new model for that. One can append animations to a model.

Seriously? I didn’t know that. Do you know anyone that would be willing to do that?

No, I do not. Part of the reason why I’ve been replying to you is just so it gets bumped a bit.

To anyone that would like to try their hand at adding more animations: I have the blender/qc/smd files, and would gladly zip them up for you to animate.

Silver Spirit do you want to take a whack at it?

No thanks, animating is alot of work ~.~

Do you know anybody that would be willing to work on this? I’d really like to see this get done.

Cant think of anyone off hand.

I’ve had an idea though, if you can find an animation thats already there that is close enough to what your after, with the source files I could compile that anim again as a missing one (possibly with minor editing, but that generally just causes problems).

There is the animation where your holding a pistol and running or walking, those could be edited into normal weaponless animations.