Prawn Playermodel

I have been working on animating the prawn model made by opethrockr55

I figure it’s in a useable enough state right now, though there are a few errors in some places.

Errors include:
*Funny looking run strafing, and all diagonal movement (cause I didn’t do any diagonals, so it just blends between the two directions. some of them look okay, others look strange)
*Sitting in the jalopy. For some reason, he’s fine in the jeep, but not the jalopy. Not sure why, cause they use the same animation. Anyone know why?
*No-weapon animations are sometimes the pistol animations
*Jumping animation is there, but doesn’t look like it times up or something. Not sure what’s wrong with it.
*Lack of rarely-used animations (punching, rollercoaster seats don’t make his arms go up in the air, breathing blends, basically stuff only a lua programmer for a specific gamemode would want. Contact me if you do want them and for what purpose.)

Some images:[/media]

And a lovely video by john41, cause I never made one.

This requires that you already have the ragdoll version by opethrockr installed, it uses the textures (and I suggest you go find some other textures, so he isn’t just default black/white. We would greatly appreciate it if someone made a very nice texture). I recommend these: copy-pasta the folders into the same addon folder.

Looks really authentic!

But the beginning of that video… :aaa:

Needs 1st person hands so it looks right

I never got the appeal of playermodels in a first person building sandbox game but whatever, its an awesome model.

Looks hilarious when walking ^^ But good job.
(District 9 RP any1?)


You guys need this:$ikchain

Needs a better texture really. It doesn’t do the amazing model justice.

I might actually download this playermodel.

i love cerebrate

I think the spine’s too straightened out, the prawns tend to “hunch” more, if you know what I mean.

It has to be done this way to work as a playermodel.


I’m tellin’ you guys we need someone to make some first person hands!!

“fookin’ prawns!” Awesome model

Neat. I think I’ll download it. :smile:

Was no need to comment.

Fuck RP. Someone make a District 9 gamemode where the MNU needs to force you to sign an eviction notice before you can find a weapon.