Pre - Alpha

I would love to reconnect and/or group up with some people that have been playing rust since pre alpha! When there was only one server and it was on the browser, everybody seemed to know each other. With how big rust is now, it’s hard to coincidentally meet somebody you have known from the game when it was 100-300 active players.

I’d love to go back to the old Rust too :frowning:

Yeah, I really wish this game didn’t blow up as much as it did. I still remember when the name color bug was possible. People were running around all over the place pretending to be game developers, and it was hillarious. And when the first dupe bug was discovered shit went crazy. If you were online a day after it was first posted publicly on the github you would remember this kid that built this huge fucking tower. If I remember correctly I used approximately 2 hours of running to get to the top, and when we did get there we could see the entire map for the first time. Only bad expirience I had with that server was this kid named Nyaaa, which you probably all remember was running around like a faggot being extremely annoying in chat, and if someone pointed it out, he would threaten to come to their house and ruin it with his duped c4.

Rama and his gang were the plague of the web browser :3

I remember Dynasty as I was with them and the group of 40 doing epic raids but 't got real boring real fast because we were so large in number Rama was also in dynasty but after he left to another group

nice job bumping a necro thread (SORRY FOR THE BUMP)

Started playing early Jan.

Most of the people I met joined my mumble server. 6 months on, we have about 15 or so aussies and new zealanders that are on every night playing many different games.

Funny enough, some good friends I made was when I snuck up on them and didn’t kill them. Will be meeting one of them in a month or so.

It’s been a good ride.

God damn Frankieboy, Remember our houses on top of the mountain? Those were some good times.

I LOVED THAT Time blackrain i think his name was, was the worst haha we actually ended up becoming a team after he kept raiding our base