[Pre-Production] Realistic Zombie Survival RPG [Pre-Production]

Realistic Zombie Survival RPG

What is it?

  • A Garry’s Mod 13+ Gamemode.
  • A Zombie-Themed Gamemode.
  • A Very Immersive and Unique Gamemode.
  • What hopes to be a renamed, interactive modification for Half Life 2. And at one point, a full standalone video game. (I get ahead of myself :P)

What will this gamemode include?

  • A large, open map. It will include small towns, a mainland area, several open fields, mountains, roads, and a military base. That includes it’s signature feature, “the bunker.”
  • An autospawn system, for supplies (Weapons, Food, Water, Medicine, and Building & Crafting Materials)
  • A Clothing Mod (To be added after the Beta)
  • Custom Animations
  • An Ecosystem! (If a certain amount of zombies are left alone, or not killed. Less Bandits & Survivors will appear. And if enough zombies are killed, more Bandits & Survivors will appear.)
  • A Realistic, Post-Apocalyptic Economy.
  • A Factions System, To Create your own societies!
  • A Market, that is only accessible in a NPC town. Completely defended and populated with NPCs, that is a “safe haven” with new players. If it is over-run: (Mostly because not enough Zombies were killed, so the ecosystem will take effect, and the town will be over-run, and the market will remove itself until it is completely removed of zombies) Anyways, the market will be a place for people to buy/sell. Hopefully a script will be coded so that NPCs will also randomly buy/sell items as well. Then use them! (Post-Official Feature)
  • Realistic Weapons, VEHICLES (NOT JUST CARS!), and other items.
  • A Realistic spawning system. For example, if there is no ammo, but a lot of guns, the market will appear with more ammo, and it will be spawned more.
  • An Anti-Cheat System. (If any hacks are made, and/or used.)
  • A Custom Weapon Selection Menu.
  • A Custom HUD.
  • A Skills System. So, by doing/not doing something, that “skill” will increase/decrease, just like it would in real-life!
  • A Character Creation Menu! You can customize your player-model, his back story, description, and more! Best of all. People who are uncreative, and like to minge around, like in Clockwork gamemodes. Will have a randomly generated description, and be marked on a list, that is view able to only administrators, to have him/her change it.

What will the HUD Include?

  • Your Health.
  • Your Armor.
  • Your Current Enabled Super Skill. [Such as increased speed, can only last so long until you become extremely tired, and in need of food and water.]
  • Your current thirst, hunger, stamina, and level of emotion. [You can get scared, mad, sad, happy, upset, frustrated, angry, or depressed. This will cause in a increase/decrease in certain skills.]

Will there be a Global Database?

Yes. There will be multiple servers. With Multiple maps. Your character, what he/she has, and what state he/she is in.

Will there be a chat system?

Yes. Both Voice and Chat. Obviously already in the game, but will be heavily modified.

The OOC chat system will only allow you to ask questions in, “Newbie” chat, and only allow you to say certain terms. This will only be added (With the exception of the Newbie chat) if there is too much meta-gaming.

What happens if the ecosystem fails, and everywhere is zombies, and the game becomes unplayable? [Or something of that sort]

Then I have a team of admins do everything manually, and fix the issues until I can fix it.

Will you use ULX?

Yes. But I will also be using another administrative system, which will have commands and tools for the purpose of moderating the gamemode. Not the server.

Why is there no videos, screenshots? How do we know this can happen?

Do you understand the term pre-production? That means, this is BEFORE or PRIOR to the actual gamemode. I am writing, planning, and coding the BASICS!

What to join the team? (Which only consists of me, as I write this post.) (I’m recruiting coders, not hiring. I also do not really “teach” new coders, because I’m not SUPER advanced, just between mediocre and advanced)

(Which only consists of me, as I write this post.)

Please contact me on Steam, here on the forums with a PM, or my email.



Well, hope the community is good to me, and enjoys this… I didn’t get off to a good start with Facepunch, sorry bout’ that.

I AM ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS, YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE EXTREMELY NICE. (Keep in mind… I DO have feelings though, and I love the criticism if it helps, but I prefer it be as kind as you can be, without going a little crazy.)

Sounds very interresting, would love to see progress.

I appreciate the feedback, thanks a ton!

Anytime :smiley: it’s a interresting concept!

I like all those words but it would be nice to see screenshots.

What did I specifically put at the bottom of the thread?

Sometimes people miss things, so I understand. But I will be providing screenshots later, yes. Once I actually get a build that isn’t just databases!

This sounds very interesting. I wish you good luck, but I hope you don’t work yourself up too much with ideas before you get to the basics.

Don’t worry. Got a Pre-Alpha Build Checklist, very basic, but still shows the potential of the gamemode and really can just tell me what I need to do, when I need to do it, and how. Thanks for the help!

Will be adding more as the week progresses.

Just some suggestions if you don’t mind:

Sorta make it like a Apocalypse feel,

Like you can loot cars, steal vehicles, raid/loot people,
Also, Focus on Vehicles a little, Like a Vehicle Radio that people can manually add Radio/MP3 Songs to,
or add like a CB Radio that people can use to talk to people in their group/parties.

Also please don’t make OP’d as hell weaponry. That shit ALWAYS kills it.

And for the Zombies, make sure (THIS IS CRITICAL) They don’t move TOO Fast, Unless their the correct Zombie Class, (ie. Fast Zombie,Etc)


Let Players be zombies. Its IS a RPG Right? Give people some free will to pick zombie or Survivor,
and make zombies infecting speed a slow,painful process.

          **Food: ALWAYS have a Food System.**

Make certain foods give certain Attributes, For example,

A Monster* Energy drink will give you Extra Speed,

Sodas do nothing special, But are able to give your positions away if not too careful,

Foods keep you healthy and will heal you, but not alot. Maybe 10 - 25%.

*NOTE: Can be ANY Energy Drink. Not just a certain one.

Also, A Crafting System, gather things to make Guns, Tools, Etc.

What framework will you be building this on?

Also just a few things which convince me that you haven’t been in the Garry’s Mod community long, coded much or played multiplayer:

You point out that you are going to be using ULX as a question - I think you should rephrase the question as “Will you be using any administration addons?” “Yes, we will be using ULX and a built in administration addon custom to the gamemode”.

Another one is “Will there be a chat system” well I don’t know anyone who would ask that question as every gamemode has one. You should specify instead that your gamemode will be using a heavily modified roleplay based chat system.

Thirdly, your theory on an ecosystem doesn’t make sense. If there are less or more zombies in an area, that can’t influence how many players will be in the area unless by bandits and survivors you mean you are going to code a very intelligent SNPC (which sorry but I doubt).

Fourthly, you say that there will be a large open map which I don’t doubt but are you working on the map or is it already made? This also ties in with you saying there are vehicles (not just cars) which gives me the suspicion you will be adding heli-copters and bare in mind, those things take a lot of fuel and you’ll need a high skybox map.

My final two points are that you practically can’t have a built in anti-cheat system unless its something like what’s found in clockwork where when you physgun a prop it becomes no-collided to the player to prevent prop surfing. And secondly, I’d like to point out that you make this sound like a completely stand alone game like The WarZ or DayZ (which it seems you aspire to copy) and I can say that this would be practically insane to try on the source engine as a 1 man team and no set budgets to hire a team. If you are making a mod or game then this is the wrong section as this is for gamemodes specific to Garry’s Mod.

This may seem like I’m just all out criticising you but I’m telling you the harsh truth and it is constructive so you can build upon this.

That’s cool. I still whana see screenshots. i can say I’m making an awesome gamemode, but words are just words.

obviously you don’t understand what pre-production is do you? He doesn’t have a presentable build so just wait and don’t get your panties in a bunch

Do you know what release means?

I don’t see where he stated that it was a release. It is a WIP gamemode and Pre-Production.

By the way, good concept, cant wait to see it in progress. :slight_smile:

Think they might have been referring to “Gamemode & Addon Releases”. Maybe having a in-progress addons forum section would be helpful

That. I’d like a place to pitch gamemodes instead of plonking it in here. On topic: I like the description, but I hope you’re realistic about the implementation about everything you talked about.

I like that you are making a concept, but this board is for making game-modes/addons.

I for one would like to see screenshots of the files so far.

I don’t find this at all harsh, I find this extremely informative and helpful.

Yes, I am using a map from the workshop, it uses the full limits of the Source Engine. Meaning it has probably some of the most hmm… “populated” terrains (Lots of trees and such, as well as several buildings and “bases”.

The ecosystem does make sense, you misunderstood. The player affects the NPCs, not the other way around. So, if you were to kill say… all the zombies in a small area, then less Survivors SNPCs would spawn. Or… more. It depends on where you are at. I’m not talking about Survivors as in players, I mean NPCs that are survivors.

By “chat system” I mean… well for example, DarkRP as “advertise” and “OOC” right? Well I may have… “Direct Communcations” and some sort of “OOC” or it may be disabled. Depends.

Anti-Cheat? Well. If hacks are created for the gamemode, I would make a script that would remove/disable these hacks, and ban the player using them.

If you looked on the horribly scripted GmodZ, the DAC anti-cheat system is actual fairly decent. I have seen a couple of players get banned for, “Hacking” and no admins were on. It was the DAC client.

I WILL be building upon this, thank you.

(I am using the regular base framework, may use Nutty’s Framework if it releases soon enough)

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Why would I screenshot the files? Some gameplay maybe, but apparently, you didn’t read. “PRE-PRODUCTION” means the IDEA is being thought up, the actual coding is nearly nonexistent. Obviously I’ve worked on it a bit, but it is not playable, because I messed up a lot of the code, as I was using a Gmod12 framework.

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Thank you for pointing out what I said several times, understandable no one has put up a pre-production post yet, so people aren’t used to it.

It will be released… in Pre-Alpha in a month or so.