Pre-Production: WATERWORLD


Are you planning on players having the ability walk around on the boat, or in the sub? I’m not sure how technically feasible both of those features are.

Well, SGC’s naval play server definitely confirmed that. You can build a boat and walk around on its deck. Given if its moving its not the most comfortable of experiences, but it can be done. You’ll sit in a seat that’s wired to its engine, so you can control it, eliminating that problem for the most part. When its parked in the ocean wherever you want to dive, you can get out and do your thing without concern.

As for submarines, you’ll have to swim into it and use a seat. It all depends on the way the players construct it really. I once build a nuclear style sub that you could stand on the deck, and then use a hatch to get inside. It’s not really even necessary, but if you put in the effort, it will work.

It would be neat if you could get the gravity hull designator to work.

The other thing which might be of issue, the water will persist inside the submarine, I don’t know how you’re planning on “removing” it.

I really wish there was a rule against these sort of threads. A sneak peak and getting people is excited is fine, only if you can back it up with screenshots or proof that you are working on it so we can actually see what it looks like. These pre-production threads serves nothing more than as a “Look at me I have an idea!” Ideamen are a dime a dozen, people who actually deliver on what they say are even better.

There’s also the problem of Concept vs Reality. Concepts talk about stuff that may never make it into the gamemode so paint an unrealistic picture as to what their making. Talking is easy, implementing the actually ideas are harder. Even just some basic skeleton of a schema would be nice.

I could let these sort of threads slide if the person actually has a big part of proof they can do such a job with the experience from the previous jobs, you know a portfolio, stuff they can show they previously done which could show they could do something like this, even then though the gamemode has all the possibility of never come into being.

1 post. Probably only joined to post about this, with no experience. I hope you can forgive me if I’m not particularly excited or willing to lend my services.

The water will indeed persist, I have no intention of removing it. The only difference is when you’re in a seat that’s wired to a life support system, you won’t be slowly drowning. The time you’ll be able to stay underwater will go from the bare 20 seconds or so, to a few minutes, depending on what kind of support system you buy.

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I completely understand what you’re saying, but yeah, I created this account earlier because I forgot the credentials to my old account from '09-'10. I’m really not active on Facepunch much, but I figured this would be a good place to take a project like this to hear feedback.

I think cobble gots reason, its a good idea but the problem is the production part, if you need a few/mid sperienced mapper im here ( and on sgc of course! ) But i would think that map should be specific for this new gamemode, like waterworld one ( BIG, 1 lil mount, Cities under water, Floating Boats, And floating mini cities maybe )

This is an idea - not even pre-production, come back with a more developed concept, finalized planning and preferably with some actual screenshots.

You should consider using NavalWarfare as a base, its open sourced and has a lot of the features you’re looking for already. Aside from that, the treasure hunting idea is really cool!

Pre-Production… lol

Love how after I use that term, after all these years, people just start using it. And copy my template.

What? It looks nothing like your thread.

I was intending on collaborating with some of the coders at SGC(who run the original and best Naval), seeing as they have a lot of the game mechanics I need.

Hey, i wanna help out on this. Add me on Steam
edit: by the way i’m a coder

Good luck with that, they’re very up tight about their scripts and will probably attack your server just for running a gamemode that has to do with water

Didn’t they close down like a year ago?

they’re trying again but failing to compete with Boats N’ Hoes

I’m an admin on SGC. So, yeeeah. It wouldn’t be a competing server, it’d be on the same team- so to speak.

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Also, Boats N hoes is awful.

Ditched the DSHK, it was a shitty model. This is a nice one. The MG08

omg you uploaded THAT screen XDDDDDDD oh men i’m dieing right now HAHAHAHAHAHAHA