Pre-release update whitelist why?

Hey, On the prelease notes I noticed that toolguns now have a whitelist for models, this seems like a leap backwards as it limits building. For example you can use the convar button_model models/props_lab/reciever01a.mdl to change the button to a computer reciever instead of it being an actual button, same with other things like lamps, wheels and more you cannot use the convars that are provided to put any prop to a tool you can only select the ones that are in the q menu list rendering the convar totally useless, This is surely a backwards step and theres no logical reason to do this?

its because its so easy to crash a server with certain tools and props

The ConVars are there to save the selected value in the spawnmenu, not for you to override them.

The whitelists were added to prevent people exploiting the tools with models and spawning blocked models on the server.

If you need some other models, the server can always add it to the whitelist of the tool.

So I should tell the owner of the build server that I need things added to the whitelist if needs be? That might be quite tedious for each model is there a convar that can turn off this whitelisting on the entire server?

my 2 cents: add a sbox_toolwhitelist server convar which defaults to true

Does the whitelist allow wildcards?