Pre Rendered backgrounds in Source Engine.

So Lately, I have been creating a basic hallway in Blender 3D. And I have been trying to figure out how to add pre rendered bacgrounds into a Source engine map.
Here are some screenshots of a test map. Just a test project I’m doing.
I have only rendered the pictures as 800x600, So the screen resolution is 800x600.

No, these are not from Garrys mod.
Now for more complicated camera angles. Might take some time.

Feedback and help would be much appriciated :slight_smile:

I know this is old skool, but still classic like RE games and FF etc.

You could make an animated texture out of the scene.

Cool idea, but wouldn’t it be easier to just make the map in hammer? :v:

I do, but I’m trying to add pre rendered to the map instead of real time.

That would actually look a lot better in Hammer. And I don’t say that about so many things.

From there you do an animated .vtf

Now, You don’t really know what I’m tryin to do, do you?
It’s not a background I’m trying to make. It’s a map with static cameras and pre rendered pictures/layers.
I’m still learning!

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Something like this.

Fine then, just snip out that background part, and what are you left with? Animated .VTFs. Use them.

Not animated backgrounds. I don’t think you know what pre-rendered backgrounds is.

i kind of see now

you’d kind of have to do a lot of funky shit with nodraws, i’d think you’d be better off just re-creating it entirely in Hammer

You cannot render pictures in hammer.
I use player clip to walk on and add picture in the background.
Resident Evil games used pre rendered layers.

Have a single multi-frame VTF applied as a screen overlay with ignorez set. Then have different parts of the map change the texture’s frame number.
You may also want to include a second copy of that texture that will be rendered over the top of everything, but with an alpha mask. This will create the illusion of depth and allow you to have people walk behind things like walls.

Obviously you’ll still have to build a map of sorts out of nodraw and have static cameras around the place, but it’s still very doable.

Player clip works fine. Not sure if just clip works.


Pre rendered backgrounds. Take video file, loop it, and convert it into a .bik file. It’s what Valve did for the L4D series in place of real-time backgrounds that would force the game to load upon going back to the menu, which would cause trouble in multiplayer. The Xbox L4D GOTY edition has this problem as it uses a real-time background map, forcing the game to load the menu, which means other players having to wait.

You don’t either get what I’m trying to do. Read the my other posts in this thread how I’m actually doing this.
I did not ask for a background for menu. I’m talking about playable map that I make in hammer with a background picture that is pre rendered! And Static cameras! Not fixed.
Have you played Resident Evil 1 2 and 3?
You can play a character that walks on invisible boxes and the background is pre rendered.

aren’t pretty much all textures somewhat prerendered anyway?

anyway, this sounds awesome. it reminds me of those old games on the ps1

When you are rendering a scene in any 3D modelling programs, then it renders as a picture. Then you make that picture a texture and add a brush with that texture in hammer and make the brush fit with the camera. It’s very complicated to do.
But there must be an easier way.

What are you even talking about? you can make a background image.

Have you played Resident Evil?

Been trying to wrap my head around this… do you mean like when in cartoons you paint with checkered colors, only here you paint with an illusion of 3d, while if you’d turn the picture around it would only look like a painting, instead of being 3d?