Pre-war Woodland Power Armor.

This is a reskin of the Fallout 3 Brotherhood Power Armor.

This is a possible woodland camo version of the armor the United States Armed Forces used before the Great War of 2077 in the Fallout 3 universe.

The original model was ported by S-low
Reskin by me
Hexed by mm3guy

Awesome! Nice skining and everything!

The amour’s a bit shiny for camo.

You can deactivate the phong… that makes it look dumb then : (

Wow thats actually pretty cool, but, did they actually use these b4 the war? :eng101:

It could be possible.

The first power armor were developed 2067 in Alaska during the Anchorage Reclamation. (That was winterized version)

Later in 2076 the americans sent their troops with power armors down to china… therefore they MUST had woodland versions of it.

That is an awesome skin. :smiley:


there always has to be an american flag somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:
but seriously, good job!

Ooooo, nice. Looks so clean and high poly.

PS. Originally ported by S-low

How do you Deactivate the phong? It’s a bit shiny for me.

:fh::burger::megaman::rock::banjo::mario::dance: :zoid::lol::ese::goatse::chef::holy::fh:

This looks really cool. I’m used to seeing Power Armor all gritty and stuff. Very nice retexture.

WTF? Why all the obscene animations?

Camo’s a bit hard to see.

Nice, but the camo is a bit hard to see.
Also, Power armor was developed between 2065-2067, but it wasn’t deployed until 2067 :eng101:

Lol IDK.


:fuckyou: 2nd Best Skin

Yeah, in Alaska.

I may make some other variations… I would love to have one of the Fallout 3 marines without the power armor.


Epic one word thats it

does this replace anything?

It’s hexed