Precise Camera Control?? Also, what's the real world equiv. of the ingame camera?

Hi There,

This is possibly a total noob question (so please forward me to a thread if it already exists).

I’m looking to control the position of a camera very precisely by importing/defining coordinates from in and outside of gmod, also I would like to be able to export coordinates of the camera to a text file. I’ve seen stuff for attaching cameras to heads, and other hackish (though usually effective) ways to control the camera, but that won’t be enough control for me. Do any scripts already exist that do this type of control? Are there any good camera tweening (moving/transitioning) scripts out there?

A related question: is there a real wold equivalent to the in-game camera? In programs like maya, there are things like “focal length” and “lens squeeze ratio” that define a camera. Do people know what the gmod camera defaults to?

Thanks, and sorry if I’m ignorant about things since I’m really new to gmod.


as far as im aware, this is the best your gonna get