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Hello Facepunch!

I’m the owner of Precise Servers, a hosting company dedicated to bringing you the best quality servers and support a host can offer. Our last employee (wad wafes) got banned because his free server thread had too much advertising in it so I’m going to make this short and sweet. We have been getting TONS of requests to make a new free servers thread so here it is.

To get a free server, simply post below asking for one, and I will PM you a coupon code that you can use while ordering for your free server.


Make sure you have 500 posts & make sure your server stays remotely busy. If for some reason you don’t meet the requirements you can still get 15% off your service with us by using coupon code “FP15%OFF”.

**What’s New? **

Since our last thread we have grown a lot. All of our hardware has been upgraded, we now have live support chat, and we have updated our game server control panels with many more customization options.

*What are you waiting for? Get your free server today! *

(User was banned for this post ("Joined to advertise" - Swebonny))

This board is not for advertising. If you can’t even read the subtitle and the capitalized sticky garry made saying ‘DO NOT ADVERTISE’, you are probably a shit hosting company with poor management and retarded spammers.

With only 7 posts, most likely on FP to Advertise. The title is also misleading, “Absolutley free”, yet on the website, it’s $8

You have to reply here for a coupon code that grants free server. None-the-less advertisement. Previous people who got a free server with them were kicked out for weird reasons. It’s probably just to reel more people in, and then kick out those whom benefit from the free shit.

Either way, free or not. Still advertising.

Dosen’t look to good for only $8usd anyway. regardless.

Looks like GMOD.EU to me


We had this discussion before on one of the 183 PreciseServers threadsade by the banned guy.

I’d suggest that you snip your OP and ask wad wafes to send you some of the mods’ replies from his unban thread.