Precise Servers - don't host with them!

So wad, who was recently permanently banned offered me a free server with Precise. I said sure and uploaded my custom TTT. There was an issue and I lost access to my account ( they changed the account name ). I still had FTP access so I removed my content and told wad. He corrected the issue and as soon as I re-uploaded I got this e-mail:

So, just a note, don’t use them, it seems they just want custom scripts.

Also there appears to be a Facepunch bug, when I go to EDIT my post, it’s empty… Strange.


I’m the owner of Precise Servers and I wanted to just follow up on this post.

First of all, we did not change your account name and we told you that. They day you changed all of your information to “SNIP” was when you account locked you out because you changed your email from ******** to SNIP. Our system can’t read “SNIP” as an email. Here is an email we received with proof that you changed your details.

First Name: ‘’ to ‘SNIP’
Last Name: '
’ to ‘SNIP’
Company Name: ‘’ to ‘SNIP’
Email Address: 'a
’ to ‘’
Address 1: ‘’ to ‘SNIP’
City: '
’ to ‘SNIP’
State: ‘’ to '
Postcode: ‘’ to ‘SNIP’
Phone Number: '
’ to ‘*****’
Default Payment Method: ‘’ to ‘’

The reason you still had FTP was because you only changed your details on our Billing system (WHMCS) and you did not change your info in our TCAdmin panel.

On a final note. Your server was removed for inactivity and for simply giving us a hard time. Right when you changed your details and got locked out of your account you immediately came to our “Free Server” thread and made a long post saying, we removed your server and stole your code. After you submited a ticket we changed the email back for you so you could log-in and everything was fixed. You should make a ticket before making false claims about us.

I repeat. No server files were taken. We have no need for them and we just don’t operate like that. There is no past remarks against us that we do that kind of thing so I don’t know why you would assume that. If you would like me to provide you with full FTP logs - I can do that. Just make a ticket.

Thanks for letting me follow up on your thread,

Well this was a short thread.

I never trusted that Wad guy, gave him the benefit of the doubt. But this and the other re-occuring ‘wtfers’, whom magically got ‘sorted out’ when put out in public on their thread, along with the 1 post people… it adds up.

That was a very mature way to handle this problem Robert22.
I congratulate you for that. (I’m serious)

Actually, it was changed to snip as you have a serious security flaw in your software. I removed my data right away after learning of it. I notified you and submitted a cancellation request. You told me not to cancel and that you would fix the security flaw. I agreed to stick around but I left my data as SNIP until the security hole was patched. About 24 hours later my account access was removed ( not the same day as you say ). I assumed that you had not held your word as you had said that you put the cancellation request on hold / cancelled it pending my re-approval based on your promises to resolve the security hole. That turned out not to be the case, but your software batches jobs out and doesn’t update accounts right away; if it does then there’s another security flaw as I was logged in for an additional 24 hours with the same cookie ( meaning your software is riddled with security flaws ). I eventually regained control of the account and as soon as I re-uploaded the data you locked me out. The security hole was never fixed, which is why I never put my account data back in. I wouldn’t trust my credit card with you, or any of your associates, especially seeing that user-account details from EVERYONE is visible.

Be wary, security flaws and potentially stealing code! You get what you “pay” for…

I decided to take the time and look up the security ticket you made. Oh, and I just noticed it had nothing to do with our billing system (WHMCS) but was with the TCAdmin cmd line editor not allowing you to input the gamemode (when you can just use server.cfg). As for the log-in delay, I’m not sure because it was several weeks ago but as I remember, you could not log-in the second you changed your email (and logged out).

What do you mean “user-account details from EVERYONE is visible” and we don’t even accept credit cards.

He is probably referring to the WHMCS exploit that was released on the third this month that allows read/write access to your entire WHMCS database.

The ticket was made weeks ago and our WHMCS is updated.

WHMCS is like swiss cheese. When one exploit is patched another is found. It’s possible he has a exploit not well known and/or one he found himself.

I’d recommend asking him about it in PM. Thankfully I don’t use that garbage billing system.

You’re right about that. Seem every week they update it or have a “serious” security advisory.