Precision alignment in Gmod13

Since Gmod13 was released I wasn’t able to do pretty much anything because precision alignment tool, which is part of the Wenli’s Tools pack, isn’t compatible with it. I thought I would wait some time for people to fix it but it’s been months now and while other tools of that pack were fixed (such as axis center and adv ballsocket), there’s no sign of a fixed precision alignment. Or at least I wasn’t able to find one.

So if somebody has found a working version of that tool, I would be grateful for a link.

And if this tool hasn’t been fixed indeed, could someone please do it? I’m sure many people would appreciate it.


C’mon It’s getting old. Wenli don’t want people to upload a fix because everyone will think it’s the official version (That what he says).
Everyone is waiting for Wenli to update it. The only ways to use it is to join a Server with a working version or Fix it yourself.

And what would fixing it myself involve? I’ve actually read somewhere that it doesn’t take much effort to fix a tool for gmod 13. Could you give me a link to some tutorial explaining how to do it in a very clear way so a noobster like me could understand it? :smiley:

The problem is you need to replace all old functions with new ones. and the code is HUGE, you can’t just edit 2000 lines from scratch. I don’t have any links for tut or something like that.

Oh… well, I guess I will have to wait some more then. Thanks anyway.

Well, Block-Smash Gmod server desperately needs one, we have been trying to do it ourselves the past day, not having much luck, our experience with Gmod LUA is limited and the author is no offence, but he sure is taking his time while i know for a fact there are players that have ported it over sucessfully with minor bugs you wouldnt notice normally, they just refuse to share because of what Wenli said.

We would not try to make it our own, we would not try to change the authors name of the addon to ours, we just want PA tool that works for our players.

Man, I need that tool too! Guess we all gotta wait…

But how long do we have to wait?

I don’t think it’s coming anytime soon given that Wenli is pretty much AWOL

This not working search function is a pain in the…

I fixed it early in the beta already and it is working fine on my server, but i can’t hand it out because wenli told me. Check the posts I did in this thread:

…I quote myself: