Precision ragdoll posing addon?

I’ve been looking for a precision posing tool for a few days now with no luck, maybe because i’m not sure what to search for, but what i’m looking for is basically somthing like the rotation ball thing in 3d studio max where you have aboslute control on rotation and positioning for each bone, i’m sorry if i’ve missed some obvious tool as it seems like, if possible, it would be one of the first addons created for a game like this.

Sorry if i’m posting this in the wrong section.

Edit: I guess it doesn’t exist, how about a tool that disables dynamic movement then? Like… if you release the bone it stops right there, unaffected by gravity and inertia but still not frozen like you’d usually do it.

Maybe i can disbale gravity somehow, not quite what i’m looking for but it will better than nothing.

I have searched for the same type of addon or lua script for a few years. None have crossed my sight yet. The best you can get close to, is using Standing Pose tool (download link is in the description), and Physgun Undo.

(Will update if i find more useful addons.)