How do I make it so that there are no gaps in the objects that I make?

I’ve seen videos of people using an “Easy Precision Tool” but I can’t find it anywhere.

Easy Precision should be part of PHx, which is vanilla. Otherwise you can use precision alignment…Oh, get smartsnap too, that’s a pretty handy little thing.

I just downloaded this game 2 days ago so I’m extremely new.

I looked through all the tools and I don’t have PHx Tools as far as I know.

Idk where to find any of these tools

Here’s both SmartSnap and Easy Precision in one download.

Most addons can be downloaded from . For Precision Alignment ( Tools ) though, you need a SVN client.

Perfect. Just what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

While this thread is new, i am in desperate need of help regarding an easy precision error. My easy precision will not function and give me a “no constraint to remove” message anytime i try to use it. I have done everything i could think of (uninstalling, cleaning up addons, replacing the files, deleting all related easy precision files and doing a fresh replacement, all steam side options including cache). So if anyone knows anything that can be done please help me, my gmod has been useless for months since the April update.