Predator 17 - Trailer

I’m not sure if I’ll end up going through with this one.

Halfway through uploading I realized the camera angle is similar to that of someone you all might know, but either way…

Wow, that’s great. What filter did you use to make that “bloom” in the beginning?

Sony Vegas. Glow. The percent is set to 0.5 or so and the settings are twiddled about.

Your catmull cameras were just completely awful. Like words cannot describe how bad they were.

However the music choice was VERY unique, sounded almost Basic Instinct-y, and the use of filters was just AWESOME, it looked beautiful.

However your catmull cameras were just about as efficient as a disabled person taking a shit.

3/5 anyways, i loved the music and the filtering.

What the fuck is up with the graphics

and anyways whatever about the camera angle, it’s not like I can copyright this one :stuck_out_tongue:

somebody hates catmull cameras


Yeah, I was surfing through garry’s mod videos quite a lot. I nearly ripped off a (albeit shit) borderlands video and outlined the citadel saying “THE CITADEL starring as THE CITADEL”.

Not really, nobody can hate CMR cameras :v:

The thing is, your paths are horribly set up. A good thing is attempting to think like a real movie director would in real life (with all the real contraptions to move cameras around, etc)

I was going for like a camera shake, but not intense.

fumples doesn’t hate CMR, if anything he wants to make it the happiest camera stool in the world.

I like those settings you used, makes it lookng very interesting.

Yeah, you have me COMPLETELY wrong, I love catmull-cameras, in fact my moving camera to static camera ratio must be like 7:1 LOL

I was just saying, your camera paths were so incredibly and awfully made that it was just painful to watch. The first five seconds, it kept going back and forth and then started on the camera movement.

I wish someone would update catmull with some fixes, I hate it when you zoom in it has to zoom out really quickly

Yeah, I tried trimming it down but then it was too short. You have to let the camera go for like 10 seconds, I found out.

Looks real good

That’s called splines :v:

That’s how the tool smoothes out the paths, learn to live with it, there are ways around it

(Faceposer’s flex data uses splines, too)

Informative x1