Predator 2010

I just saw the new predator and thought of what a cool Garry’s mod game it would make. The way the game played would be exactly like the movie. for those who have not seen the movie, it starts off where the characters are falling from the sky because the predators picked the best warriors of earth to learn from by hunting them then.
You could make it so that theres three predators(like the movie) who have to kill the other players who are equipped with different weaponry(like the movie) and they either have to kill or survive the three predators for a certain time limit which is called seasons(like the movie). the predators would use the basic predator weaponry with of course cloaking abilities.

And for the Map it could be just a big jungle that the predators could blend in very well

Impossible, The idea’s good but the way YOU want it… [img_thumb][/img_thumb]