Predator busts through a wall


Dat fireball looks alien vomit!
JK :>
You should try give a very second deep look on your poses after your editings ^^


Kool-aid man! The posing is decent, as is the setting. But the editing could use some work.

He breaks through the wall, to find a 1000 ft drop.

Oh hey dachande, another avpg member on facepunch



And double drat.

** “oh yeeah!!” **

It looks like he’s been thrown through the wall.


Shoulda’ called it Predalien :slight_smile:

Is that the alien predator mask?

I think the predator should be more rotated upward, unless the explosion is blowing him forward.


"voi PERKELE!"

don’t use in-game explosions

V2 is better but the watermark is unnecessary, fireball looks better, but what is that dotted line I see?

Reminds me of a scene during the climax in Predator 2.