Predator choking a bitch.

That expression seems a bit too overdone.

Everything else I like.

Your shading is really harsh, you should go easier on the guys and pay attention to details

He should be facing the guy a bit more in my opinion. Otherwise I like it.

The predator looks a tad nonchalant, he looks like he is posing for the front of a cereal box.

well the dude poses no threat to the predator what so ever.
and the dude just pissed the predator off.
believe me.
behind that mask is a rage face.

Nice colors and contrast, posing does look a bit stiff on the Predator but the posing(faceposing as well) looks nice on the citizen.

I like it.

He can’t make rage faces like that with the mask on.

He looks like a zombie.

He IS a zombie. Thing is, zombie’s don’t have those type’s of expressions.

Who said he isn’t? :mmmsmug:


Yeah the posing on the predator is like “oh jeez I have to kill another random human again :sigh:”