Predator Holding His Victim

thats just awesome.

Is that sharpen or morph ? It looks bad mate, never use these effects. The only good effects are color-mod,SDoF and bloom if used well.

The filter messed the picture up for me but the posing looks flawless. Looks like one of the execution kills from Alien vs Predator, the recent game. Never seen this before!


Dont use sharpen(Well, dont over do it)!

Nah the sharpen looks nifty, well except is some spots but meh.


Added another picture, post processing effects are a bit different and the shooping is different.


Hmmm, needs darker blood.

Looks like it might be a little painful.

His fingers are in way too shallow, the body would just plop off, The blood is way too uniform, but the color for it is good.

The posing is good too, I give it about a 7/10

Predator has really strong fingers it seems. Crappy effects aside, the pose and the blood are reasonably good :slight_smile:

Though still, less sharpen next time.

Yeah, he works out all day :stuck_out_tongue:
and the dead guy has no legs, but you can’t see it in the pic.

first time i ever see a picture with sharpen that doesn’t look like shit honestly