Predator looking towards the horizon. (small edit test)

So i’ve been playing with light rays in photoshop, and these are the results:

And this, which is much more exxagerated.

I’d like C&C on both posing and editing.


Why thank you.

Interesting. Nice lighting.


I think I finally got people to start posing the predator!
Awesome picture BTW.

Mind linking me to some of your poses? I’m afraid I might’ve missed them.

Incredibly superduper boring.

Mind elaborating that?


Good god, I use the word “mind” alot. Do you think the pose is too generic, or just too action-less?

Just very boring, nothing going on, just a predator standing around in a bad map.

Noted. Although I see this as a good thing, since this was what I was going for, when I started posing it. But I’ll start with action-poses when I know how to do blood properly.

I can imagine him from the front wearing cool dudes sunglasses and making the DAT ASS face.

looks pretty cool
would look better with shading though

Legs are too spread out, and it kind of looks like hes gonna tip over

This is exactly my problem.

I only know how to make dull boring poses because I don’t know how to make explosions, blood or whatever.

I lol’d.

Finally someone posing the predator.
I’m hoping for an alien hex soon so if you do make more do AVP.

nice looks a poster for a game

The knee-joints of his legs look kinda fucked up, but that’s the models fault.

Really nice. :slight_smile: